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Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Tiny Moments

This is my space.
Of the little time I've spent on this space in the last two years, too much was devoted to justifying my hiatuses and apologizing for my blogger shortcomings.

When my girls are grown, I want to look back on this space and remember....remember the silly things they said and did. The crazy outfits they put together. The days that seemed so trying. The adventures we had. The projects we made. The home we created. The memories we made....
The way they grew into little ladies who love Jesus. The way their share their love with everyone around them.
Not for pages and pages of apology posts.

I want to remember.

Lately, all I do is forget.

Yesterday I woke up and the sore throat I had the day before turned into a full blown 'bark cough', congestion, and all around knock Mama on her butt kind of a day. We spent most of the day watching a Netflix original show about mermaid girls. Truly a waste of a day, but such a blessing to have a down day with my girls, snuggling and learning about all their dreams of swimming in the ocean depths with fins and tails.

When Breadwinner broke the news it was going to be a late night at work for him, I broke the news to the girls we would all be staying home from church. Kennedy-the nearly 5 year old- looked me dead in the eye and said,

"It's OK, Mama. I can drive.....(long pause)....No really, I know how. I drive my car ALL the time."

While she does drive that Flintstone style Little Tikes Cozy Coupe like a champ, and her so sad eyes nearly broke my mama heart, I had to turn down her offer.

She was convinced she could drive herself and her nearly 7 year old sister to church while Daddy worked and I rested. Convinced. I love her heart.


About an hour later, we were cleaning up toys and Summer work books. Kennedy asked where to put an alphabet game I got out for her.

My response, "I want it to live in the living room now, please put it in the red bin with the rest of your flashcards."

Kennedy quickly replied, one hand on hip-head cocked to the side, "Mama- we don't say I WANT, you should have just said I WOULD LIKE..."

Good to know they DO listen...even if they do ignore me 99 out of 100 times.


Monday Madison starts 2nd grade. Second. Grade. How is this possible?
Time is flying.
I don't want to forget these tiny moments.
I may never be the biggest crafty blogger. Or the best DIY designer. Or Mommy fashion blogger.

I'll always be a mommy. I won't always have little girls.
This space is for the memories. The moments. The tiny day to day.
Welcome back to it.

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Juju at Tales of said...

Awwww well said. We have to inhale these beautiful moments before they fly away.