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Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Surprise Room Inspriation Wall

Last week I shared a few teasers of my current favorite project on Instagram. (Are you following me? @fairlyfabulous1)
 photo IMG_7630_zps092c6341.jpg
Three years ago when we moved into our house, my girls asked what this room was for. They saw Mommy and Daddy's room, the office/guest room, their room (yes, they share. yes. we like it that way), and then there was this room. I told them it was a surprise. See, two weeks after we moved in, the girls and I were going to Florida to previously planned trip to see my family. While we were gone, Breadwinner was going to move my craft stuff and all their toys from the temporary storage unit into the room. A playroom for all the 'girls' seemed perfect! Mommy sews, paints, crafts, creates...while the girls play. It didn't take long for me to completely overtake the room, but the 'Surprise Room' name stuck.

 photo IMG_7634_zps780fa479.jpg 
So- let me introduce you to the new inspiration/art wall in the Surprise Room.

 photo IMG_7643_zpsb78822af.jpg 

This collection of art, trinkets, memorabilia, and little 'happies' has been growing for several years now. 

 photo IMG_4265_zpsf5da6740.jpg 

With a fresh coat of neutral oops paint on the wall (sorry I don't have a color name for you!), each piece stands out for the beauty or memory that it carries. It's a work in progress, but so far...I'm in love.

 photo IMG_4268_zpscfcba731.jpg  

 photo IMG_4270_zpsd1305042.jpg

 photo IMG_4260_zpsc8e69e42.jpg

 photo IMG_4264_zps37600821.jpg

 photo IMG_4271_zps008eb59b.jpg

 photo IMG_4272_zpsd8826415.jpg

 photo IMG_4258_zps4f858842.jpg

 photo IMG_4257_zps9d0a15ce.jpg

 photo IMG_4273_zps4e138058.jpg

 photo IMG_4274_zps9e6e882e.jpg

 photo IMG_4275_zps7b2614ee.jpg

 photo IMG_4276_zps0dc8c789.jpg

 photo IMG_4277_zpsa1eda613.jpg

 photo IMG_7643_zpsb78822af.jpg

Clockwise from the top: rainbow bunting by Alyson and me in preparation for last years' FairlyFab Party. Make Something Pretty While you Can- Pen & Paint, frame paint color is Krylon Bright Idea, Grace Like Rain..Sage Theule from The Stitch Market c/o The Pleated Poppy, Embellished frame and cherry pic by me, I {heart} Athens-Pen & Paint, Create- free printable from Allorahandmade, vintage Georgia atlas page- Earth Cookie, Happiness is Handmade- Pen & Paint mounted by me onto a wooden plaque, Kissimme hoop art- me from an old Old Navy tee, be who you are frame with stock photo still in it (note to self: fix that) gift from my mom, i love being fabulous hoop from a sweet friend, embellished by me, blessed print-Red Letter Words, Dawgs wooden plaque-gift from my mom, Picture taking freak-lollipops, We love print- Chrissie Grace, crazy awesome locker- April Kennedy (I still have one more to hang), rosette flower hoop art- Blossom & Vine, Rainbow clothesline frame for instagram prints-made by me with fabric scraps and twine, You are Beautiful and Brilliant-Chrissie Grace, junque- Earth Cookie, Do small things print-Pen & Paint, Every day print-Erin Leigh, 2 Kings print- Chrissie Grace, fabric hoop with another lovely Red Letter Words print, fabric hoop made from a dress both my girls wore-so many memories in that fabric, wire wrapped flower from my very best BFF in Georgia-Kimberly.


Sam Zavitz said...

I love it all! WOW!!

P.s. Thanks for posting about BlogLovin' - I had no idea how I was supposed to follow my blogs now that Google Reader is "gone." So thanks!

Becky Blue Eyes said...

What a fun wall! I love it. I also adore the "Grace like rain" artwork. I want it! :) Thanks for showing off your surprise room. It looks like it's full of surprises... and creativity! xo

Jake and Lena B. said...

Meagan I found your blog!(this is Lisa Brown from wayside preschool) And I love love love it! I just looked at the post of your home tour during the holidays...your house is gorgeous!! I love your style and decor...can you come decorate my house?? ;) Seriously, you are so talented and wonderful. We are putting wood floor in our kitchen/dining room...what kind of wood floor is in your home? Anyway...this is a long comment. Glad I found your blog! :) --Lisa

jaquelyn {the sweetest petunia} said...

this whole wall just screams amazing happiness at me!! I love it SO much. I don't think these kinds of gallery walls will ever get old, at least not for me. ;)