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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Living Life: A New Perspective

Let's face it, I'm not the world's best blogger.
I get on kicks where I blog for days, weeks, even months consistently, then fall off the face of the blogging world. Then something happens and I find perspective again. I find my voice, or my blogging purpose.

8 days ago the world learned of an unfathomable tragedy. The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary struck me like no other. It felt personal. Maybe because, as one blogger wrote...I know what six looks like. I volunteer in my 1st grader's classroom one day a week. I know those faces. I know their innocence. Stickers bring them smiles. They are generous with their hugs. Tears still well up in my eyes when I think of the fear on their tiny faces and the horror those parents now face. Every parents nightmare come true- suffering the loss of a precious child.
I was doing Christmas shopping and running errands with Kennedy, my 4 yr old and her very best friend, Hayden when we got the news. We stopped in the parking lot of the mall and said a prayer. We prayed for God to wrap his arms around those parents and comfort them. We prayed he would begin to heal their hearts. When we finished our prayer Kennedy said, "Mommy, all those kids are in heaven now, right?" Perspective.
"Yes. Yes they are, Kennedy. They are with Jesus now."
The puzzled look on her face explained it all- If they are in heaven- why are people sad?
In an instant, my 4 year old wrapped it all up in a pretty bow. Those sweet angels are in heaven-something to celebrate.
Later that day, we picked Madison up at her school and came home to a house sprinkled with toys, little socks, and stuffed animals in every room. Never have I been so happy to see these tiny treasures. Reminders of a precious time in our lives that could be gone in the blink of an eye.
We held our girls longer and tighter as we tucked them into bed that night. We've done the same each night since.
Our perspective has changed.

We are taking time to enjoy these fleeting moments in our girls' lives. Making time to tell stories, cuddle on the sofa, finish those barely started craft projects. This week has been different in our home. On one hand, I want this feeling- the pain for the Sandy Hook families to stay in my heart as a reminder to live every moment to it's fullest. A reminder that at any moment our lives could change instantly. On the other, I want to remind our children that God is constantly in control and we should not live in fear. His plan is perfect and his love boundless.

It's amazing how God works on our hearts. The tiniest moments have been triggers for me this week. Moments I often take for granted have become more meaningful and even brought tears to my eyes.
These are moments I want to remember. And so, once again I turn to this little ole blog.

40,325. The number of photos just sitting in iPhoto on my computer. Photos I've taken, uploaded, and forgotten. Moments archived in time. Moments I want to share.
I can't promise I will post life changing stories every day, but I am going to do my best.
A new perspective.

I want to share the tiny moments of our lives. The special treasures in each and every day. We have so much life to share and I don't want to waste any more time thinking about what new adventures we can live. It's time to start living in the tiny moments before those tiny moments are gone.

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