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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Life in a blur

The past several weeks have been such a blur. Since my birthday and craft weekend our lives have been in overdrive.
Breadwinner came home with the girls Sunday night after craft weekend, was home for a night and off Monday morning for a week of work travel. It left me just enough time to *almost* get the house (and laundry) back in order.
Memorial Day weekend was the first weekend in more than I can remember that we spent a little time relaxing as a family. Monday afternoon provided a grilling opportunity when some of our best friends stopped by on the way home from a weekend camping trip.
Then it was back to business as usual with Madison's last full week of Kindergarten and preparation for graduation and the end of the year program.
May 31st, Breadwinner surprised me with a last minute yes to an offer from a friend of mine to spend the next night with her for a short girls night and Queen Bee Market day. After a perfect 26 hour girls 'weekend' getaway, I arrived home Saturday evening to a less than desirable smell coming from the garage and permeating into the house.
Sunday was spent locating the source (insect chemical leaked), nuetralizing it, and cleaning up the aftermath.
Which brings us to June 4th- the beginning of Madison's last week in Kindergarten- an action packed week of wrap up, parties, and last minute graduation details. That is until I got the call Tuesday to rush back to the school and pick up Kennedy who fell into a cubbie and would need to go to the emergency room. A fact confirmed by the gaping hole in her head and huge tears as I made it back to school in record time. After our very first ER visit, a rush to a plastic surgeon 80 miles away, multiple stitches in her muscle and skin, we were home to Kennedy standing on the arm of the sofa- back to her usual daredevil antics- nearly stopping our hearts at every turn!
Two days later Madison donned yet another cap and gown (can you tell I'm not a fan) and graduated from Kindergarten.
The next morning the girls and I loaded up the mini-van and drove to Ventura County to spend the night with the same friends who stopped by the house a couple weeks prior. Kennedy decided sleeping was not a priority, so after a night of next to no sleep I, along with my friend we stayed with, got dressed and ready to drive south to Elevate- a blogging mini conference.
When we planned the trip, we intended on a girls night out after the conference, so my friend used hotel points for a night away at a gorgeous resort right on the beach. We were so beat from the night before and a day long conference, we stayed in- ordered a few drinks, and slept in Sunday morning. Party animals, huh?
That was three days ago.
Needless to say, I have a lot to blog about...and really, this doesn't even scratch the surface.
It's been a busy few weeks, I'm ready for a break.
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Stacy said...


Been meaning to stop by and say "hello" and that it was so great to meet you at eleVate..We had a brief moment to chat during the "speed dating"...I just got back this wknd from Ca again and my mind is full of things I want to post and comments I want to leave with those I met at the conference...Even if it was a week ago already..I love your site...I am in between stages with mine...I was so motivated from the girls to start working on it...Btw, I love the pic of your layered bday cake...So dang pretty... :)