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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Needed a Change

It's been a good half a year (ok, more) since I did something drastic with my it was time again.
When any other area of my body, my stress, my relationships...are not going just right, my hair is usually the victim. I start to get frustrated with it and need a change FAST.
Luckily, now I have Alyson in my life. She used to cut hair professionally, so when I text her and say, 'I really just want to grab my sewing scissors and cut it off' she is quick to step in!
I sent her a text last Thursday morning and Friday morning I was in her garage with a smock on!
She worked her magic, and did as I asked- cut it OFF!
I had to get home quick to do a little pick up before it was time to pick Madison up from Kindergarten, so I left with my faded color and wet frizzy hair.
Photobucket During naps I colored, washed, dried and took a stab at styling the new do.
Then posted this to Instagram
Needless to say, short in the back, long in the front and a little fresh color is making me feel sassy again!
My clothes may not fit the way I want right now, but this new do I'm wearing....
It makes me happy.
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 Just for is a little flashback post from February 2011: 

Let's take a trip through a small bit of Meagan Hair History
Here's a little background....
I was born a little bald girl. Much like my two, as much as my mom tried to dress me in pink head to toe- everyone thought I was a boy.
When my hair finally came in, it was thin and blonde- like toe-head blonde.
Thin, board straight, and blonde.
Then puberty hit-and the waves came- then the texture and thickness.
By high school, I was highlighting my hair a bit blonder because I didn't like the natural ashy blonde color.
I kept it somewhere between my chin and shoulders mostly- (except for the occasional horrible ideas to chop it insanely short- so not a good look for me).
As I've gotten older, and had my babies, my hair just gets darker, and thicker, and, well- let's pick up here in pictures....

When we got married, my hair was about shoulder length, highlighted blonde, and worn curled- all the time. Four months into our marriage, we learned we were expecting Big Sister. Being the first time- follow all the rules, Mommy- I stopped coloring my hair. It got dark, thick, and yucky fast. Lucky for all of us, most of the pictures from my pregnancy are on our external hard drive, and I'm not dragging that out for this post- so imagine really, really bad. Moving on...

The last month of the pregnancy, when we knew she was finished developing, I got my darkening, blah hair-cut, highlighted, and styled.

I wanted something easy.
Something I could do quickly since my time would not be my own for much longer.
The sassy, throw a little gel and scrunch the wave/texture, blonde highlighted look was cute for a while.

Fast forward about 6 months. My maternity leave was over, I was back at work and miserable.
I missed my baby.
We made the decision for me to stay home, which changed things financially.
I had the brilliant idea to start coloring my hair on my own and cut it all off again.
Shield your eyes- this next one is bad-

That's me in the glasses with Big Sister- YIKES!
I wore a chunky headband everyday in an effort to salvage the horrible cut.
Luckily it grew- then I started growing again-

The hair was still a little awkward, but I thought I found a box color that worked and style that wasn't terrible.

That's why we have pictures- to look back and remind us how horrible those 'cute styles' really were.

Toward the end of my pregnancy with Little Sister, Breadwinner and my mom convinced me to shell out the dough and go to a decent hair stylist and get a new cut.
I listened. My hair was still a bit too short to do what she really wanted, but we started the process by shaping out my hair so it would grow out better.

Unfortunately, the box color I was using didn't mesh well with the hormones of pregnancy- and my hair began looking redder and redder. the length grew- (and so did my belly!)

I thought I found a cut/color for life.

Then a few months after Little Sister was born, I was looking back at pictures of her first few weeks of life. I realized my hair color was really, really bad.
It still wasn't in the budget to go for salon color every few months- so I decided to be bold.

Inspired by a girl I used to babysit, who was blonde her entire life and suddenly went dark- I bought a dark box color and went with it.

Oh- and I went back to shorter bangs- not the longer/swept to the side look.

Breadwinner loved the dark-I did, too. It was so different from anything I was ever used to.

Each time my roots started looking a little rough, I bought a slightly darker color, until I found one I liked the best. I kept basically the same hairstyle, give or take a few inches in length and bang styles- for about a year.

It grew long enough I could pull it back into a ponytail- and I was happy.
Then I got kind of bored with straightening my hair every day. My hair was still getting thicker (thank you extended nursing!) and straightening it took for-ev-er.
I pulled out the trusty hot rollers again and fell in love.

Dark and curly worked for me

...until shortly before my 30th birthday. I started feeling like 'the nanny' and not the mama when every passerby asked where my girls got all their blonde hair.
I asked Breadwinner how HE liked my hair best. He said the blonde, curly hair I had when we got married was his favorite.
So I started the slow process of highlighting over the dark I'd lived with for 18 months or so

It's kind of tough to tell in this one- it was windy and the lighting wasn't ideal- but this was the beginning of going back to blonde. Another mom at Big Sister's preschool was a teacher at the local beauty school and charged pennies to do color out of her house. We started off slow- then really dove in-

Before long, I was back to full, fledged blonde.

and back to straightening

and I was happy again

and I could still pony it and feel cute

when it grew out a little more, I went back to curling it

Then, for some reason, my hair started growing like mad again.
I had it highlighted just before my best friends' wedding in December

and 4 weeks later I had crazy outgrowth.
Along the way, the mom who was highlighting my hair out of her house did a less then fabulous job, so I went back to a local salon. At $60 a pop (which I KNOW is not bad), every 4-6 weeks- I just can't justify that to myself.
Which brings to me now- it's been 8 weeks since my hair was highlighted

this photo was taken at 6 weeks post highlight.
YIKES- scary.
So, now I turn to YOU my bloggie friends.
What should I do? Should I go back to the lovely dark box color I can do myself for around $6 every 5 weeks? Should I suck it up and keep highlighting at the salon? Should I find something in between?
Should I continue to curl it? Do you like me with bangs?
I need your help- and I need it ASAP! My hair is driving me crazy!

Have a great weekend!


Ramona Iordan said...

love the new do, and your pictures documenting your hair over time are so cute! i love the wedding photo!

CurvyEveryday said...

That new hair cut is great. It looks like you can pull of the perfect sexy bed head and policed look. Great cut.

CurvyEveryday said...

sorry computer auto corrected polished

Conni said...

LOVE to new 'do, super cute and sexy. I quite like it dark too by the way

Mama 2 Charlie n' Jack said...

I love you in each and every one of those pictures. It doesn't matter to me one bit! If you're happy, I'm happy.
Loved the hair through the ages, but couldn't help but notice- no high school hair?
I miss you. We need to chat soon. PS- I am linking your blog to mine. Long story. Stop by, hopefully you approve. If not, well, it's kinda too late.
Love you, blonde hair, red hair, black hair, curly hair. Whatever!

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang said...

The new do looks awesome on you! I love it. And the dark works... your eyes look amazing.

Ali Stone said...

Very cute cut!

Lisa said...

I love your new 'do! ^_^. And the hair timeline was fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! They're awesome!