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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Blogger Friends

When you are a blogger, you tend to make blogger friends.
You start writing on a subject, find another blogger writing on the same subject, follow along and quickly make a new 'friend'.
Like a sitcom you DVR every Wednesday night so you can stay up late Thursday watching and catch up on the world of 'Johnny and Susie's new married life'.
You talk about bloggers like you talk about your best friends...

you:    I'm so excited Susie is pregnant again!
your spouse:    Who is Susie?
you:    You know, Little Blogger Girl, the one I told you about...
your spouse:    Who are you talking about?
you:    You know, she redid her daughter's room and then I totally redid our girls' room the same way because it was fabulous? Remember? She had a miscarriage last year, and now they are expecting their third child, and she lives in Texas, and her best friend has the blog, Best Friend Blogger Girl, and she has 7 kids and 4 dogs, lives on a farm....Why are you looking at me like that? Don't you remember this?
your spouse: Is this another one of those people you've never met? Or someone you actually know?

Such is the life of a blogger. Sometimes the people we know best and who know us best are people we've never hugged in real life.
I've met some pretty amazing women all around the country since I started blogging.
Some who inspire me to create.
Some who inspire me to be a better woman...better mom...better Christian.
Some who inspire me to branch out in my wardrobe. Find my fashion.
Some who make me laugh.
Some who make me cry.

Over the next several months I want to introduce you to some of the amazing women I've met via blogging.
This isn't a series really. More of a non-series. It will be sporadic.
It may be a few days between may be a few weeks.
I will tag all the posts with 'blogger friends' so you can easily go back and read the non-series. Because remember, this isn't a series...that implies organization and planning...and let's face it...these days, my brain is in ten places at once!

Side note: The Fairly Fabulous Crafting Slumber Party is already over half full!! If you are planning on coming, send in your reservation ASAP! Finally, a chance to hug some of my favorite bloggers in real life.


Grammy Goodwill said...

I understand completely - and my hubby doesn't get it, either.

Alyson @Eisley Rae said...

HA! I love this.. it's SO true. I do that to Matt all the time. I think he MIGHT be catching on finally.