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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Loop

My Dad was in town from Florida last weekend.
We call him Pop.
Pop LOVES trains so whenever Pop is in town we head north to Tehachapi to check out the trains.
This time, we made it all the way to the famous engineering feat-the Tehachapi Loop without stomaching the seemingly endless winding mountain road the locals sent us on last time. (Thank you, new i-phone for showing us the freeway route!)
While we were there, two different trains passed thru the loop.  Photobucket 
The girls watched at first,
but quickly lost interest in this engineering marvel.
When Kennedy was REALLY over it (after about 5 minutes), and tired of being reminded we were RIGHT next to the road so she needed to stay close, she put her hands on her hips and pouted.
Luckily, this fit was short lived!
Such a silly pair. Slightly dis shoveled, but I love them just the same!
This is probably my favorite shot of the day! Madison is just tall enough to see over the top of the monument as the train makes a full circle over itself.
Pop snapped a few photos of me at the Loop, too.
Gramm, my mom, got me this 'Old Man' cardigan a few years ago. Very trendy, but I wasn't sure what to do with it. Whenever I tried to wear it I felt frumpy. It came with a skinny belt and spent most of the last 3 years in an ottoman at the end of my bed with the rest of the sweaters I never wore. Sad.
It's not what you wear, but how you wear it.
Pairing this 'Old Man' cardigan with a wide elastic belt and striped Summer dress, layered over vintage flair jeans (which I'm now noticing look pretty stinking short!) made me look at this sweater quite differently.
It has a new home...on a the closet.
When we got home from our trip to Tehachapi, I realized I had no good photos of my Rock-a-Bow headband. Breadwinner took a break from pushing the girls on the swings and helped me out.
We started with this one.
Then I told him I never know what kind of face to make. I just feel silly.
Which prompted this.
The perfect way to end a fun filled day with Pop and the girls!

the outfit: burgandy 'old man' cardi/gray striped tank dress-NY&Co, brown elastic belt-Forever21, vintage flare jeans-American Eagle Outfitters, gray modern pearl statement necklace-Allorahandmade, mustard bow headband-RockaBow

the girls: Madison-pink plaid peacoat-Gymboree, purple ruffled tee-Carter's, cutie skirt-EisleyRae, white polka dot leggings-Old Navy, gray boots-JC Penney, gray/white houndstooth bloom-Lillybug Lane  Kennedy-chambray denim top/white tee-Target, yellow tutu skirt-Crazy 8, owl leggings- Gymboree hand me downs (thank you, Kimberly!), pink puffy jacket-Gymboree hand me down (thru 4 girls and still super cute!), headband-Little Penelope Lane


Elyssa said...

Very cute! Love this outfit! I've never bought a grandpa sweater either, for the same reason but maybe I should rethink it. I have a wide elastic belt from f21 that might be perfect. Thanks for the inspiration!

Lauren said...

I really like this outfit! It caught my eye over at the pleated poppy :) xo, L @

Alyson @Eisley Rae said...

So fun! I need to take my kids to the Loop. I don't think Matt's even been there. Fun. Love your outfit! Yay for the Eisley Rae shoutout. ;) Thanks.

Mallory said...

Visiting from The Pleated the old man sweater outfit! It's ridiculously cute!

Hill said...

So-o-o-o ... How's that Loop work? BTW: Great site!

Jocelyn and Jerry said...

I was just looking at the photos more closely, the leggings Kennedy is wearing are the same leggings Mackenzie was wearing in the picture I sent you this weekend! Oh how our girls are so much alike.