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Monday, February 6, 2012

It takes a village

Do you ever put together an outfit, look in the mirror and think,
" this daring and fabulous? or horrific fail?"
That was me on Saturday.
Luckily, my friends are quite used to my, to the mirror I went.
Wet hair, no make-up and all.
Send: 'Yes? or No?'
Having friends in several time zones across the country makes it convenient to text pics at all times of day. I love taking my friends 'shopping' with me via fitting room outfit 'should I buy this' photos.
This time, both friends agreed-
This top is actually super cute usually. See? (two summers ago- maybe the blonde hair is better? or the 10 fewer pounds?) PS- This is my BFF, Shopgal!

Back to the drawing board.
Hair now dried and up in hot rollers- I have no shame.
Send: 'better?'
Before the responses came in, I decided to ditch the belt.
Wasn't feeling it.
Took the rollers out first.
Send: 'better without the belt?'
Response: 'no. needs belt.'

Belt back on.
Fluffed and accessorized hair.
Shoes on.
Send: 'Final Decision'
Response: 'Done'
Sometimes it takes a village.
gray flowy vest, high waist vintage flair jeans-American Eagle Outfitters
peach stripe v-neck tee-Old Navy
wide belt-Target
booties-Charming Charlie's
Bloom headband-Lillybug Lane
The perfect outfit for a trip to the sky!


Shellsea said...

Looks great! And how cool you were able to text the whole process! I should try that. Follow up post needed of pictures from the sky.

Alissa Circle said...

I agree on the whole village thing! hahah Can't tell you how many times I've done the same thing. You look adorable, love the belt with the sweater, I need to try that sometime. And how fun that you went flying!!??

Emily Zavitz said...

Such fashionable friends! If only "they" didn't live 47 states away :)

Cassidy said...

LOVE your pink striped v neck and that headband is adorable!!

Ania said...

Love the look, very bohemian. I love the headband, it's awesome.

amy and jesse hudson said...

I love how you showed us that adding a few touches can make an outfit really special. You look great! I'd love if you came and linked this up at my Drab to Fab party on Friday. We celebrate turning normal clothes into fabulous outfits by using a little creativity or smarts to dress them up. (We also celebrate jazzed up recipes and DIY's). Anyway, I'd love to see you this Friday. Here's a link for all the info you need on the party!

Hope to see you :)