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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Girls Room: In Process

A few weeks ago I asked for your help with my girls' bedroom.
It's still in process, but I thought you'd like an update.
This first photo is a little bit of a cheat. The before was taken nearly a year ago, so a few changes were made. The first post gives more info on the befores.
As for the now- new paint color, Barefoot Beach by Olympic Primer One (more on that later)- not much different than before. Just a nice, fresh coat of paint taking the room from warm tone to cool tone. And a whole new corner of toys! The girls' kitchen and new doll house have a new home in their room.
The polka dots are gone and the new craigslist loft bed got a crisp white makeover and a sturdy new support system underneath (thank you, engineer Breadwinner) Madison's old bed is fresh and new for Kennedy with new paint and her own twin size big girl bedding. We did decide to keep the Love and Nature bedding for now since we already had one full set and lots of coordinating pillows. Since I took these 'now' photos, I finished painting Madison's dresser. Now the entire piece is the bright turquoisey-blue oops paint color. Oh and wait until you see the pulls close up!
Do you like the little hammock hanging from the bottom of the top bunk? Big sister, Madison made it for her little sister's toys?
See the brown hanging shelf in the 'before' photo? It's in the process of getting a makeover. It will hang on the wall between the white crates on the floor and the the white shelf of headbands. Why so low? It's the perfect home for all the stuffed animals and baby dolls currently stacked on the crates (full of baby handmade baby blankets)! The clothesline returned-we have tons of hats year round- and the hair accessories got a new home.
Kennedy's dresser found a new home in the closet next to the dress up salon (it's a big closet), so no refinishing on that piece just yet.
A few more projects remain before the final reveal.
It is already SUCH a transformation.
Does it make you want to come play?


Alyson @Eisley Rae said...

You know I love it. So, does my comment even count? Can't wait until everything is totally done.

Aimee from said...

i am in LOVE with everything -- the darling little kitchen - the hooks - and the bunk beds.. so fun!! great job on the makeover!

Maureen said...

Nice job Meagan - but I miss the polka dots :)

Stevie @ MooreBabies said...

Super cute. I love the bed! I think my girls may share a room in a while and I love the idea.

Emily Zavitz said...

The new room is so cohesive and utilitarian while also being precious and girly! Great job, girl! I think moving the kitchen into the girls' room was a GREAT idea. It helps bring all the colors together, and it gives your family room a break!

Michele said...

Awesome job! I like all the changes you made. I started redoing my oldeset son's room over a year ago...and it's still a work in progress. I might want to finish it before he leaves home, ha! (Although, he's only 5) Have a great week!

krystina / lollipops said...

shut up! how adorable! you did a rockin awesome job! can you give me a fraction of your endless energy ma'am?!!


sara @ applestone drive said...

Visiting from My Girlish Whims Party! The room looks great. My daughter's room is on my to-do list too. Thanks for the inspiration!