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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wearing condiments and a dress

Another week of fun with fashion. Thanks to Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy I'm linking up for another week of What I Wore Wednesday accountability. Ditching the jeans and t-shirts- making an effort in myself. I'm taking it a step further. Not just getting dressed every day- really, I've always done that. Lindsey started this little journey to keep her from staying in pjs and softie pants all day. For me, it's about finding my fashion. Digging deep in my closet. Mixing new pieces with old. Re-purposing, re-mixing- finding the joy in my closet and in myself.
Thanks for encouraging me along the way!
This week I started something new. My friend Alissa from Rags to Stitches wrote about her love of blazers last week, so I reached into the back of my closet, grabbed a blazer, and pieced together a whole new outfit. Each week I plan to use another WIWW blogger as inspiration for the following week.
Ready for my blazer outfit? I'm calling it a HUGE bust!
I felt like hot dog condiments all day. Red, yellow, and brown looked so much better in my head.
Oh, and Madison took my photos for me in front of our next to-do list project-new media wall in the living room. Sorry for the fuzzy photos. Oh look- the living room is yellow-the nesting toy boxes are red- Hmm..the combo that can't escape me. Guess that's part of the reason I'm desperate to paint the living room!
yellow cross hatch button down and fluff pin and plum skinny belt-NY&Co
red cords-American Eagle Outfitters
brown cropped blazer-Ann Taylor Loft
caramel colored booties-Charming Charlies
black dress-NY&Co
old slouchy black boots- JC Penney I feel like they are too short, or too tall- weird in between height. What do you think?
black lace bow headband- Lillybug Lane
Did you take a fashion leap this week? Was it fabulous or a bust?


Alyson @Eisley Rae said...

I love reading your posts, because I read it just as I KNOW you would say it. haha! Dude.. for a hot dog girl you look smokin' in that black dress & boots! ;) I LOVE it. And no way, the boots are cute and show off more leg. Love you!

Cassidy said...

LOVE the yellow blouse with the red pants very fun!

Sherri said...

I actually love your hot dog girl outfit. Cute combo.

Laura Bridges said...

I love the "hot dog" outfit and truly, it never would have occurred to me that you looked like a hot dog! The red pants are great. Love the black and black, too though.

houseblendfamily said...

I'm with them - I love the first outfit. Especially the red pants! Those are great.

Susanne said...

i like the first outfit--maybe you need a red belt or something with a little pattern to tie all 3 colors in.
i agree with you on the boots--i think they're too short. maybe if you wore black tights with them to continue the color, but they cut your leg off at a weird place. (i have the exact problem with shorter boots too!)

Emily Zavitz said...

next time pair the yellow shirt and blazer with jeans. The shirt and blazer are precious! The red pants are precious, too, but I'd wear them with a more neutral color on top-- grey?? white?? or black!!! That way you can be a hot dawg-- get it? ha ha! You know you miss me!

Alissa Circle said...

I know you felt like ketchup and mustard (hehe ) but I have to say that I love how you look in a blazer! Girl you should rock that blazer more often!!! And I love that black lace bow headband!!

Simply.Lovely.Things said...

OMGosh how I LOVE your red pants!!! One of these days I'm going to step out of my box and give it a try :)

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