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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sharing and Waiting

It's no secret, I'm not always great with stress.
I feel like I can hold my own when it comes to juggling busy or attempting to multi-task, but throw in stress and you find my breaking point.
To say the last 3 weeks were full of stress is an understatement.
We finalized and closed on our house.
Learned we are pregnant with our 3rd child.
Prepped for my inlaws nearly 3 week holiday visit.
Prepared for the first ever Christmas together with Breadwinner's entire immediate family-all staying with us, from all over California and across the country-brother, nieces, parents, and us.
Ended our Christmas night with a horrible, physically and emotionally painful family trauma.
Went to my doctor and saw a big empty uterus last Friday- was told it could be too early to see anything, but they should be able to at least see a sac by now (6 weeks)
And today, started bleeding.
Now I'm in bed.
I don't wait well.
Waiting to see if the bleeding will get heavier.
Waiting to see if it will stop.
Will I spend my night in an ER?
Or my morning at my OB?
Will we welcome our 3rd August baby into our family in 2012?
Will our family recover from Christmas night?
Sorry I haven't been here with you, sharing.
Thank you for staying.
Will you continue to stay with me?
And pray with me?
God's plan is perfect. His love is never ending.
I know we will survive.
I'm looking forward to the other side.
The other side of waiting.


Stacy said...

Teary-eyed just reading this. God can heal all wounds ... I'll be praying with you!! Love you lots!

Emily Zavitz said...

I love you, and I'm not sure what else to say. Call me anytime, dear friend. We are praying for peace for you, regardless of the outcome.

Alyson @Eisley Rae said...

This made me cry for you, again. :( I'm so so sorry that you're even having to deal with any of this. I'm praying, hard! You know I'm here and where to find me. Love you lots friend. xoxo

Rachelle said...

:( Aww I'm sorry love.

My due date for our angel was August 3rd. I felt the little twinge when I read that. It's hard, oh it's hard. I'm praying for you for the best situation possible! God gives miracles!

Monick S. said...

Praying for you friend..... god makes all things possible!

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Praying for you!

momstheword said...

Oh, I so pray that everything will be alright!!! I bled through my first two pregnancies and both my babies came out just fine!

I had no bleeding at all with my third pregnancy (well, except for the m/c) and that's the baby we lost.

Whatever happens, you are right, the Lord will bring you through. His love never ends, just as you said.

I'm praying for you!

Laura Bridges said...

You are in my prayers.

Mama 2 Charlie n' Jack said...

Praying...Love you.

Katie said...

Oh Meagan. I don't even have the words to say to you. I am so sorry you are dealing with this. I pray that the LORD shows Himself to you and comforts you. Just remember that He has a plan. If you need anything just call me♥. I miss you friend.