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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pinning, Dreaming, Painting-Need Help

In an effort to distract myself from my emotions, I've decided to redo every room in my room at a time.
There wasn't a hugely grand announcement. It was just a little tidbit. Did you catch it?
We bought a HOUSE! Not just any house, the incredible gift of a house we've been renting for nearly two years. We NEVER thought we could afford to buy a house in California, EVER...let alone a dream of a house like this one.
For nearly two years it's been the house we were renting, now it's time to make it OUR home.
Paint is the first order of business for me. The kitchen and dining areas got a facelift just after Christmas. The halls and entry were next-just finished two days ago.
Now- the girls' room.
Back in April it looked like this

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 
Since then, Kennedy traded her crib for a big girl bed, both girls got 'princess beds' for their birthdays (aka IKEA bed netting thing), Madison's net was ripped down, Kennedy's bed moved, I made a few things, and the room turned into a disaster zone.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 
Here's where the pinning comes in.
You've heard of Pinterest, right? Well, I've avoided it like the plague. I mean, I signed up months ago, looked around a little then logged off and erased it from my memory. I know what happens when you log into Pinterest. Time stands still in Pinterest land, and speeds up in the rest of the world. 4 hours later- a day is wasted. Pinterest sucks you in.
Never the less, after countless not so gentle suggestions from my friends, I logged in last week in search of inspiration for this disaster of a space.
Oh, and I failed to mention, I talked Breadwinner into helping me build a loft bed for the girls. Ana White has fantastic, easy to follow plans that suit our needs perfectly. Fortunately for him, last weekend when we listed a few free things on craigslist, I stumbled on this little lovely for a cool $100. The desk was broken, but we didn't intend to use it, so no worries there. It just needed pick up and assembly...well, and a little refinishing love.
Madison's existing bed was Breadwinner's when he was a little boy. You may remember I refinished it with a creamy distressed look. Their dressers are both hand me downs, too. The really crazy painted one was Breadwinner's as a child, too. When I first painted it I loved um, not so much. The peachy dresser is from a friend. I painted that one, too. Also, no longer in love.
So here is the plan and where you come in.
The new loft bed is in the process of getting a crisp, white makeover.
I finished the top half yesterday,
but the wind halted my plans to finish the bottom today.
(hence the really long photo filled post right now)
My plan is to put this new piece of crispy white goodness on the wall that is currently covered in polka dots-in place of Madison's existing twin bed.
Her twin bed will also get a crispy, white makeover and turn 90 degrees under the loft bed, with the head under the loft, and the bed against the wall that currently has the crazy painted dresser and chicken wire bow holder.
Did I lose you? Scroll back up and look at the photos again.
The two beds should look like an L, or half a square.
Make sense?
The bottom bed will stick out to approximately where the dresser currently ends.
Now to the dressers.
I'm thinking about putting one at the end of the bottom 'bunk' and maybe putting one under the bunk, in the space next to the bottom bed. Kind of like a bed side table. It will fit (I already measured)
Do you think that will be too crowded/condensed in the one part of the room? Or is that the perfect way to open it up and give the girls tons of room to play?
They both still LOVE rocking at night, so the glider and ottoman will probably stay for now (but eventually it would be nice to move it next door and have a nursery again)
I'm really struggling with the over all furniture placement.
Oh, and then theirs painting. (maybe this should have been 10 different posts!)
I'd like to paint one dresser crisp white and the other one really fun-like a statement piece.
Either a nice pop of color like this

Or something super fun, like this

I'd like to use some of my growing collection of oops paint for this project.
So far, these are the top two contenders.
One is kind of turquoisey/robin's egg blue-y. The other is a muted minty color.
I'm all over the place here, are you still following along?
The girls have the Love and Nature bedding set from Target (not quilt set in the link, the regular comforter set) in their room now, along with the coordinating tree decals (did you see them all over the room and under the hat clothes line?). They are only 2 years old, so it seems silly to replace them, but since I have to get a whole new twin set anyway (remember, Kennedy's existing set is the toddler bed size), should I just get new bedding? I don't want to be wasteful. Should we just hold off for now?
Back to the dressers...the brighter color coordinates with their current bedding much better. It's almost the same color as the turquoise in their bedding. I LOVE the look of the muted minty color with their soon to be new, white furniture, and freshly painted walls.
This photo was taken in the hallway, which is the color the girls' room will be. Not much different than their current color, just slightly brighter and cooler tone putty.
I could do a similar treatment to the tree dresser from Pinterest using both these colors in the same way the browns were used-kind of striations?
Or use one of the colors as the base and use the other for large polka dots or stripes all over the dresser and drawers? Kind of a tone on tone look?
So many ideas, I just can't decide!
I also don't know what to do with the large brown IKEA wall shelf in their room.  Photobucket 
Leave it chocolate brown? Paint it white? Or one of the bluey/green colors?
Leave it where it is? Move it?
OK, are you totally lost here?
See why I'm having so much trouble? My brain is ALL over the place.
I would love, love, love some opinions here.
Feel free to completely disagree with me, or suggest something totally different.
Any and all suggestions and opinions are welcome!
Please help me give our girls a new and fun space.
Ready? Comment away!


Christina said...

You have such amazing talent. Sounds like a lot of options. I love the dresser with the tree, that seems so cool!

Katie Carter said...

all i have to say is i'm jealous of the furniture that you have in there! I'll think about it, my brain is on vacation overload and i'll help you out :)

Emily Zavitz said...

I would use theint color on the walls, the blue color on the Ikea shelf, the tree idea on the small dresser, and white on the big dresser. The idea of putting the "tree" dresser/bedside table under the loft is a great idea, but you'll need some furniture to balance out the other area. Maybe a rug? A craft table? Move the dress ups out of the closet? I'm sure you can fill the space, and you're right about giving the girls a space to play. I'm sure you can find other places to use the blue oops paint. Have fun!
Btw-- are we gonna get to see the kitchen and other spaces that just got facelifts?

Katie Carter said...

okay, i re-read it, and thought about it....
first you should get little sister the same bed set, I personally LOVE the owls!!! {will they come off and go back on when you paint??} Also, I would do something with the brown shelf, make it blend a bit, so whatever accent color, or white, the brown doesn't really match anything...or you can send it to me ;)
I think with the decals on the wall a solid dresser would probably be best...can you do one of each of your oops paint on each dresser? Make them have their own piece...I don't know if there'd be tension if one had a fun one and one had a plain one, ya know?
Maybe with the L shaped beds you can have a reading/cuddling nook....
I think that's all :)
Can you add a bed for me to come sleep in there ;)

Sam said...

Holy long post, girl! I love it! :)

So, here are my thoughts before I've over thought it. That means that I reserve the right to look at this in the morning and say 'what the heck was I thinking?!'

1. I think it will be crowded with everything under the loft bed-thing, BUT, I think the trade off of having the girls be able to play in that huge space leftover is worth it.

2. I think the robin's egg blue is an awesome color and way more fun than the minty green. Bite the bullet and do it. :D

3. I think you should paint the brown wall shelf the minty green color (since you won't be using it on the dresser! lol). I *think* from looking at them that it would work, but that's the thing I'm most unsure about.

4. Thoughts on a smaller/regular rocking chair in the girls' room? Not something to spend a lot of money on, but it might be worth perusing Craigslist or Freecyle for... that one just seems really big in their 'big girl' room vs. a nursery. (You could just move it to the eventual nursery now or maybe as a relaxing spot in your room.) If you do keep it in the girls' room, I would work some fabric magic (if I were you and could do that...) to recover the rocker & ottoman with a fun solid colored fabric OR with... ready for it?... OWL FABRIC!

Okay, that's it for now. Congrats on the house... so much fun to make it your own! :D

Kristin said...

We just bought a house in May and my 2 girls have the same Love and Nature bedding! I like the turquoise paint. One of my girls has a turquoise blanket on her bed with the comforter and I love how it looks together!