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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Doors and my first Link-up

Believe it or not, I don't have much Halloween decor. I know- you just fell out of your chair, didn't you?
A few sparkly pumpkins on a shelf, a handful of spooky signs, and a couple handmade items.
I'm open to suggestions on how to make it all come together and spookify the house.
Bearing in mind I live in the desert. We have REAL black widow spiders as big as quarters- so no spiders or cobwebs, please.
It's not spooktacular, but here are a few of my faves...
Our simple front door.
Thank you Target 90% clearance last year!
$1.40 plus a little orange satin ribbon (because everything is better with a little satin ribbon) Photobucket
I have 4 feet of garland, too-I couldn't say no to $.90! It's still in the box- not doing much good this year. Our wood burning stove is pretty fun, too. Photobucket The gold webby supports on the sides look spooky year round to me!
Luckily the past couple years it hasn't been cold enough on Halloween for a fire, so I use the top for our jack-o-luminaries.
Vintage Revivals did a super fun tutorial last year!
Isn't that giant Boo sign fabulous? ShopGal sent it to me last year! Love it.
She sent this little sign, too. Makes me laugh every time! Photobucket It's hanging on our bedroom door this year. The girls' bedroom door is adorned with this appropriate sign Photobucket Probably my favorite little Halloween decoration is the one that hangs on our guest bathroom door this year.
I put it together last year, and I love it even more this year.
It was so simple-painted canvases hot glued together with black satin ribbon and orange rick rack. 
The jack-o-lantern is still my favorite.
So, how do you decorate for Halloween?
What do you wear for trick or treating?
Do you make your children's costumes? Or buy them?
It's time to share!

It's my very first linky party!!!
Please link up any and all things Halloween.
I only ask you link up your direct post- not just your blog.
And of course- blog, tweet, facebook all about the party!
Thanks for joining me!!!

Cowgirl Costume and Giant Pumpkins

One of my favorite costumes thus far was Big Sister's 3rd Halloween.
She was a cowgirl-YeeHaw!
I had an idea in my head and was pretty happy with the result.
Brown butterfly fabric, caramel colored fringe, brown scrap fabric for a sash and thigh tie tabs

She was super excited to wear her favorite pink cowgirl boots (clearance find from Children's Place $4.99!- they've since been through THREE little girls- Little Sister may get to wear them again this fall)
And the shirt- ah it gave me fits at first.
Turns out, you shouldn't wait until the last minute to find a little boys' white dress shirt.
Children's Place finally came through for me. Felt a little strange shopping on the boy side of the store.
I took a little of the butterfly fabric to use as the yoke at the back of the shirt and shoulder accents with a little extra fringe.
 The front of her shirt was finished off with a brown zigzag stitch down the front for a little extra detail.
Oh and the hat? Thank you, Gymboree boys clearance section!
Who knew the boys section would be so helpful with 2 little girls?
Poor Big Sister didn't have much hair back then. She was mistaken for a boy all night trick or treating-despite her teeny tiny piggie tails at the back of her cow'girl' hat.
Oh- and the two giant pumpkins in these photos- we grew them in our backyard that year! 
Big Sister is sitting on the 301 pound beauty. The 127 pounder she leaned on earlier in the post on our old front step.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What I Wore: Halloween Flashback

Since it's Halloween Week here at Fairly Fabulous, I decided to take you on a fashion journey through the last few years of Halloween.
Only one costume to share. 
What do you wear trick or treating with your kiddos?
As always, I'm linking up with Nina and Lindsey.
First up- 2007 Big Sister's 2nd Halloween (15 months old)
after we took a million pics of Big Sister in her Joann's Pumpkin Fairy costume with a sparkle wand I added buttons to and white onsie I added a little orange ribbon to (yes- it was my cop out year) I ran inside and grabbed an old Army coat, black belt, brown fishnets, and a cap. It was fun seeing Breadwinner's jaw drop when I walked out. I did wear my bathing suit bottoms but felt like my tush was hanging out all night! Kind of fun to be a sassy mommy. A little more than 40 weeks later Little Sister came into our world. Hmmm....
2008-Little Sister's First Halloween (2 months old)
brown tee-Old Navy, cream skirt-Anthropologie, brown cowboy boots-hand me down from my best friend. Big Sister's costume will be highlighted tomorrow. Come back for details. ;)
Can you tell I was nursing a newborn? Yikes!
my accessory that Halloween- tiny Little Sister in her Peanut Shell
black cowl neck tee-NY&Co, jeans-American Eagle, mustard felt headband-Anthropologie, red sandals-Old Navy, necklace-gift from ShopGal
2010-A couple short months into my wiww journey
cream ruffled top, charcoal ruffled jacket-NY&Co, gray beaded necklace, skinny jeans-American Eagle, my favorite camel boots from ShopGal
 my silly friend made fun of my wiww pics, so she swooped in with 'look what I made'-cupcakes
It's kind of funny looking back. Notice any trends?
Wow- ShopGal gives some great gifts and hand me downs!
And, um- HELLO- pick a hair color already?! haha- 
Did you know I was blonde nearly my entire life? 
Little fun fact.
Don't forget! Get your Halloween posts ready for my very first linky party Thursday!
All Halloween posts welcome. Can't wait to see what you share.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Spooky Bones

Last year Gramm got the girls glow in the dark skeleton pjs.
Photobucket (circa April 2011)
They loved their pjs so much they wore them year round!
Both girls have grown so much in one year, Little Sister's pjs are way too small now, but she can wear Big Sister's old pair. Gotta love hand me downs!
Last April we captured the spooky glowing bones in action
Literally-Little Sister wouldn't hold still.
Linking up with Lollipops What I Love Wednesdays this week.
Don't forget- this Thursday- my very first linky party!
Get your favorite Halloween posts ready!

A Halloween Thank You

Just in time for Halloween Week- a Halloween Giveaway!
Thank you for helping me hit 100 followers on my new Facebook page.
Be sure to head over and enter to win this special Halloween painted plaque.
To enter, leave a comment on my page letting me know your favorite part about Halloween!
If you are not already a fan, be sure to 'like' the page to enter.
Giveaway ends Wednesday, October 26th at noon Pacific time and plaque ships priority.
Just in time for display on your door for your trick or treaters.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Costumes: Fancy Nancy and Ladybug Girl

It's Halloween Week at Fairly Fabulous!!!!!
Since it was the most searched post the last month, I'm starting the week with a flashback to my girls' Halloween costumes 2 years ago. Wow, they were so little!

2009-The first year of all girlie costumes.
Big Sister wanted to be Fancy Nancy and together we decided Little Sister would be Ladybug Girl...mostly Little Sister just wanted to do/be anything Big Sister suggested.
The Ladybug wings I made for Big Sister's first Halloween came in handy and fit Little Sister like a charm. Luckily we purchased the black long sleeved onsies from Children's Place each winter for the first 2 years of Big Sister's life, so we had one on hand in Little Sister's size. Some new red and black striped tights and our favorite red patten leather shoes were great accessories.
Perhaps my favorite part of her costume though, was my first attempt at a tutu. Over 100 yards of red and black tulle, red and black satin ribbon, and red and black organdy ribbon completed Little Sister's girlie look. Well, that and a red boa that certainly didn't last long and a darling red thin headband with black lace, tiny bow, (from Mommy's great friend Julianna) and some additional pipe cleaner antenna completed Little Sister's first homemade costume.
Big Sister was a bit more elaborate with her pink feather boa, turquoise crochet flower headband from Gramm, wild piggie tails with multiple satin ribbon bows, flower and tulle wand from Children's Place clearance, green fairy dress up wings, purple flower tutu from my Fabulous Aunt Darlene, Mommy embellished pink tee shirt, Mommy made purple polka dot leg warmers, huge fuschia polka dot bows on her sparkly white shoes, and pink and purple beaded necklaces and bracelets (the jewelry was Miss Julianna's contribution to the costume-she was in town visiting while Mommy was working on the costumes and wanted to add her own special touch- perfect!).
This year the costumes got double the workout as we joined our friend's at their church Halloween party a few nights before our real Halloween trick or treating.
Big Sister even won an award for Most Original Halloween costume.
Of course, I was beaming after spending time sewing ribbon ruffles and rosettes on the pink plain shirt to complete this year's 'fabulously fancy' costume.
Almost as Fancy as her top, was the bottom half of her costume.
Polka dot leg warmers I made, and hot glued extra wide polka dot ribbon to the already fancy sparkly Target clearance Mary Jane's completed the extraordinary (that's a fancy word for great ;) ) costume!
Definitely my favorite costumes thus far- and perfect for each of their Big personalities.

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Any and all things Halloween welcome!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Need a Reason

Looking for a reason to come shop The Threadery tomorrow?
How about THREE reasons?
The Sparkly Fairly Fabulous holiday wreaths are available at markets ONLY.
Not a Southern California local? Too late to book a last minute flight?
Don't worry- I have special collection just for you launching in the shop November 1st!
Dun, dun, dun...
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With all the excitement this fall, now is a great time to follow along!
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What we wore to Disneyland

If you follow along here, you know I've been sick.
In bed since last Saturday after the fall Sew Funky Market.
Breadwinner even took Monday off work. Sunday, Monday, rest, rest, rest.
Tuesday, stumble out of bed, drive kids to school, stumble back home and into bed, pick kids up from school, get home- nap with them. Clean the house a little.
Pack for a little belated b-day trip for Breadwinner and the girls to Disneyland.
Remember-We've gone each August for the last  2 years. It's our Birthday thing.
Two kids+One Hubby=3 Birthdays in 3 days
This year we opted to postpone the trip until October looking for cooler weather.
If you live in Southern California or looked at any other SoCal bloggers fashion posts this week you know the irony of this.
Hottest days on record for October. Broke 100 degrees.
God sure is funny, huh?
Wednesday-loaded up the car with the girls and lots of bags and headed south to pick up Breadwinner at work then continue our trek to Anaheim.
fabulous StacyLynn dress, Forever21 belt, Target crop shrug, Little Penelope Lane headband, Allorahandmade necklace
are you loving my new hair like I'm loving my new hair?
Thursday-Disneyland Day! WAHOO! Thank you, Aunt Darlene!!

American Eagle dress, American Eagle denim bermuda shorts, love me some Walt and Mickey
Can you tell I'm doped up on cold and cough medicine?
Big Sister wore a Carter's tee and her Gap ruffled skirt from Aunt Kimberly
PhotobucketLittle Sister-my partner most of the day wore an Old Navy pink and white stripe tank and her turquoise Gap ruffled skirt from Aunt Kimberly

Friday-driving home after a surprisingly great night's sleep-thank you hotel blackout curtains and nyquil!
feeling very PanAm/Mad Men-ish these days. I was really born in the wrong era.
White boatneck tee-Target, teal Stacy Lynn skirt, same Forever21 belt
first time I've worn this skirt up at my natural waist without a sweater to hide it a bit.
Feeling a little sassy.
Friday night the girls and I stayed in Moorpark with friends while Breadwinner went hunting with some friends. I spent lots of the weekend sleeping and trying to stop coughing.
Anyone else dealing with this nagging cough? Does it ever go away?

Start saving your Halloween Posts for my very first link up next Thursday!!!

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Halloween Flashbacks

For the third week in a row, my second most viewed post is the Fancy Nancy and Ladybug Girl's Halloween costumes last year. So- I decided next week- is Halloween Week at Fairly Fabulous.

Source: None via Cortney on Pinterest

Get your new and old posts ready. Each day I will recap a favorite Halloween post from the past and (if I can figure it all out) Thursday I'll host a little Halloween linky link. Anything Halloweeny welcome. Costumes, decor- if it's Halloweeny- you can link it.
Are you excited?!
I sure am. Maybe I should whip up a little button for this big event....
Mark your calendars- next week-
Halloween Week at Fairly Fabulous
with a linky party
Thursday, October 27th.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What I Wore to Sew Funky Market

What did you do Saturday?
I spent the day in Riverside at the fall Sew Funky Marketplace with Alyson, Christina, Katie, April, Sarah, and a dozens of other amazingly talented women!
 Did you swing by my booth?
 this was a new look for me.
 pale pink sweater, white ruffled skirt-NY&Co, wide brown belt-Forever21, gray tee-American Eagle, Allorahandmade necklace in Pacific, tall ivory socks (is it bad to wear a white skirt and ivory socks? Did you notice?) and my favorite camel boots from ShopGal
 new headband I picked up at Sew Funky from Bobby Soxie- *love*
Did you miss your opportunity to pick up new Fairly Fabulous holiday specials?
Two more chances this fall
October 22, in Brea, CA at The Threadery
 November 18 and 19 in Del Mar, CA at The Queen Bee Market
Linking up with Lindsey and Nina

What We Wore: New Hair and Apple Picking

Happy Wednesday.
It's been over a year since I joined Lindsey in making a bigger effort in what I wear daily. I've learned how great it makes me feel to put an effort into myself- to feel cute. I've learned to step outside of my comfort zone and try new things together. 
This week isn't great, but we had fun.
And if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you know I got a haircut.
Yep- pretty standard- when I go more than 3 weeks with my hair in a wet ponytail, I know it's time to cut it. Sometimes it's a snip with the sewing scissors or a run to the closest Super Cuts.
This time, it was a call to my friend, Alyson (did you know she used to be a hairstylist?)
I sent her a text, she was here in 20 minutes.
Wednesday-Rain storm and sewing in last minute prep for Sew Funky Market until Alyson came over to help 'lighten the load' on my head.
After a quick cut and blow dry- ah-weight lifted
It's short and sassy in the back
longer and swoopier in the front.
blue wrap-NY&Co, navy 3/4 sleeve top and pink polka dot rainy day wellies-Target,
jeans and brown belt-American Eagle
Thursday-Fall is here- at least temporarily. Helping at the Preschool front desk for the day. It felt good to pull out the warmer clothes and the Autumn color pallet.
The girls are always full of laughs when Daddy gets home

The wind nearly blew us away, but the sunset-always gorgeous
Mommy- Tucker for Target flowy dress, wide camel belt-Target, jeans-American Eagle, Camel boots-my favorite from my best friend, ShopGal

the girls
Big Sister-stripe sweater-Crazy8, black leggings, white tee-Target, camel boots-gift from ShopGal
Little Sister-long sleeve silver star tee-Carters, pink button down-Crazy8, turquoise boot cut pants-Target, black mary janes-gift from ShopGal
Friday-Apple Picking with Big Sister's Kindergarten class in Tehachapi
 sampling off the tree- mmmm....
 doesn't Little Sister just look guilty? love that girl!
 listening to the calliope
Big Sister-pale pink henley hoodie-Old Navy, denim button down-Target (gift from ShopGal) pink boots-Target, yellow tutu skirt-Carter's, pink leggings-Walmart
Little Sister-brown polka dot fleece hoodie-Gymboree, pink tutu skirt-Carter's, jeans and boots-Target
gray asymmetrical tee-Ann Taylor Loft, maroon slouchy cardi-NY&Co, brown wide belt-Forever21, jeans-American Eagle, cowboy boots- hand me down from ShopGal
Do you like my new asymmetrical cut?
I'm loving it thus far. I'll work on getting photos before the end of the day.

Don't forget, Fairly Fabulous is now accepting sponsors!
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Just in time for holiday shopping!
Email me for more info.
What are you looking forward to this fall?
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