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Friday, September 30, 2011

Reason #573 Why I love the Desert

 As the sun melts into the horizon on a cloud filed evening
 there is no mistaking God's amazing works
 The Painter's canvas on display for all to see
 But sometimes. Sometimes, it feels like it's all for me.
There are no words for this beauty.
My husband snapped all these last Friday with his phone.
Nothing fancy-
just the Master's work- raw and unedited.
Leaves me speechless every.time.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sandpaper Shirts Tutorial- PaperfromHeaven

Today, Katie at Paper from Heaven is here. When she told me about making shirts for her nieces with sandpaper I thought she was joking around. Making fun of my sandpaper usage. Turns out- she DID make shirts with sandpaper! I know, right?!
Now she's sharing with us.

This is seriously the easiest and quickest craft that you'll ever make.

All you need is a t-shirt (preferably a light color), a sheet of sand paper (I only used half a sheet), crayons and an iron.

First you'll color your picture on your sand paper, press hard, very hard. Your image is going to be mirrored of whatever you leave out the numbers, letters, etc. 

Next you'll iron the sand paper on your shirt, exactly where you want it to be on your shirt.

There ya go, within seconds you have a brand new shirt!
Tips....don't use washable crayons, color very hard, make sure your image is reversable, and have fun.

Lastly, I want to say a big HUGE thank you to Meagan for letting me hang out on her blog today!!!

Are you kidding me, Katie? Totally my pleasure. I'm running to the garage as we speak to grab sandpaper and try this! Doesn't it look so fun?! If you try it out, be sure to come back and leave a link to your post in the comments.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sugar, Oh Honey, Honey!

As in Blog Sugar!
The real recap post is coming
After I compose my thoughts.
It was amazing.
Sunday early afternoon- Stayed Saturday night with Alissa. The next morning took Carrie to Ikea for the first time! She flew from North Carolina for Blog Sugar. We decided to take a photo in a massive Ikea mirror. 
Isn't she adorable?
me- pink flowy sweater-NY & Co, patterned tank-Old Navy, jeans-American Eagle
Carrie- white ruffled cardi-Old Navy, dress-hmm- I'll have to ask her
My Blog Sugar outfit-
 Dress and Cardi- 50% off clearance at Target last week
 Alissa was cracking me up! Don't you love her white picket fence?
 Fabulous boots and ribbed Anthro tights from my Best Friend
green rosette bracelet-Allorahandmade Do you love my cute pink nails as much as I do?
What a treat to get a mani/pedi for Blog Sugar!
Thanks, Alissa for snapping some pics for me!
Oh Honey, Honey!
Big Sister wanted to dress herself for school today.
It was tough not to make her change
or everything
white tank-Old Navy, seagreen peacock tank and patterned bermudas-Gap hand me downs via Alyson's daughter
 pink scuffed toe boots-Target last year
How could I make her change? 
When she looked so cute.
She has a style all her own!

Friday, September 23, 2011

A day in the OC

Today I'm crashing my friend, Alissa's blog.
Today, her blog.
Tomorrow her house for an intimate little event I like to call BLOG SUGAR!!
Click on over and visit me in the OC and learn a little about how lazy I am.
I can almost smell the salt air!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What Should I Wear- Blog Sugar

OK, friends.
I need your help.
Blog Sugar '11 is THIS Sunday.
Yes- it's really time already for the coolest Southern California afternoon blogging conference. 
Breadwinner thinks its silly, but I'm SO excited.
Some of my very favorite bloggers and FRIENDS all in the same place- at the same time. It's like my Queen Bee Market experience on steroids!
The problem?
What to wear?
What do you wear to an afternoon and evening of fun with so many blogging friends down in Orange County, CA?
I'm leaning toward jeans, maybe wedges? boots? Is a skirt better?
You are my readers. My friends- you've seen my wardrobe week in, week out.
What do you think?
Are you going to Blog Sugar?
What are you wearing?
Help me out friends!
What do I wear?
I'm leaning toward something like this- but with boots maybe?
Or a cute StacyLynn skirt and wedges?
Or I do have tons of dresses, long and short.
So...What should I wear?
Have you seen an outfit you love on my blog? Some look that is just perfect?
Please- help a sister out! ha
Leave a comment with your suggestions.

What We Wore- Mommy and the Girls

The girls got in on the fashion parade this week.
Specifically, Little Sister.
She's a constant crack up these day, well- when she's not throwing herself on the ground for not getting her way.
As always, linking up with Lindsey and this week, Morgan
Wednesday- Prayer Dedication and Ribbon Cutting (finally!) of the brand new state of the art playground at the Preschool!
 Mommy and the girls
 Navy tee, Artist denim jeans, beaded necklace-American Eagle,
Coral/Cream stripe balloon sweater-Anthropologie
Fun green wedges-boutique in Athens, GA
 Little Sister:
White tee, bootcut jeans, cowboy boots-Target, stripe tank-Gymboree
Big Sister:
Sassy jeans, pink cowboy boots-Target, stripe hoodie-Crazy8
Thursday-Hanging with Alyson from Eisley Rae and Jacqui from Baby Boy Bakery-Roadtrip to Valencia
White tee, jeans-American Eagle, Raspberry sweater-Anthropologie via Rachel- Can't wait to hug her Sunday at Blog Sugar!, stretchy belt-Forever21, Animal print sandals- JCPenney
Crazy parking lot self photo with Alyson and Jacqui! Gotta love it!
Saturday-Hanging at home with the fam-catching up on laundry, chores, and play time.
Navy tank, charcoal flops-Old Navy, cropped stripe top, khaki cargo capris-NY &Co
Green bracelet-Allorahandmade
Then it was time for a Paris themed birthday party for Alyson's 8 year old daughter. She requested fancy party dresses. While I ran inside to change, Breadwinner snapped some shots of the girls. As usual- Little Sister was a ham and a half!
Brown and turquoise polka dot dress-Target, White hand me down sandals from Big Sister that are too small already but she insisted on wearing-Target, special headband from Aunt Kimberly
Sass-she comes by it naturally
Big Sister-
Insisted on wearing a huge flower in her hair, plaid dress-Kmart-from Easter
Georgia flip flops she insisted on wearing even though she always trips over them-Walmart in Athens. 
Stubborn-just like Mommy
So, do I look sassy and Parisian?
How bout now? ha!
Green dress-JCrew-thrifted via my best friend, Pink cardi-Old Navy, Gray flower belt-NY&Co, Pink and Red sandals-Steinmart
We are looking forward to real sweater weather around here.
How about you?

Monday, September 19, 2011


Ahoy Mates!
In honor of annual Talk like a Pirate day, I'm posting something Breadwinner emailed me last night.

How Black Beard would have written the 23 Psalm.....

Aarg! The Lord is me Cap’n
And I ain’t wantin’ nuthin’.
He shivers me timbers,
And sails me through blistering barnacles.
He refreshes me rum
And guides me To Spanish galleons
For his booty. Aarg!

Even though I walk the plank
Over shark-infested waters,
I ain’t afeared,
For my Cap’n is wi’ me.
Along with the bo’sun
And first mate. Aarg!

He gets ready the mainsail
And broadsides the enemy,
The deck o’erflows
Wi’ powder and blood.

Surely pillage and plunder
Will be my pirate life,
And I will dwell in
Davey Jones’ Locker
Forevermore. Aarg!

Aarg! and Don't forget to squeeze a little Aarg or Ahoy into your day today!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Feeling Famous

We all have people we view as superstars.
Actors, musicians, athletes, artists, speakers, bloggers, creators....
I was certainly awe struck in August at the Queen Bee Market. Some of the women I consider the biggest names in the handmade world, blogging, and creating were there. Hanging out. With me.
OK, it was more like we were all hanging out in the same place...but still!
I ran into Jen from Tatertots and Jello. Chatted the day away with April, Krystina, Sarah, Christina Nicole, Kristen, and occasionally (but intentionally) bumped into Lindsey and Jess for a laugh or two.
But what did it for me. What made ME feel like a superstar that day was turning around to a tap on my shoulder. 
'Hi, Meagan from Fairly Fabulous, right? I just wanted to come by and introduce myself before I left. You are one of the people I came to see today!'
After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I hugged my new friend and took a picture. A fan.
A REAL fan.
Someone who knew who I was, where I blog, and what I make!
I felt like a superstar.
Then, when a few of my new friends blogged about meeting and hanging out with me.
Be still my heart- it happened again. 
I felt like a superstar.
Today, I noticed a little extra traffic from a new blog, so I clicked over to check it out.
Now my fashion is INSPIRATIONAL?! 
Thank you, readers, bloggers, FRIENDS!
You inspire me! You amaze me! 
You make me feel famous.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What I Wore: Summer to Fall

Happy Wednesday!
First, THANK YOU for all the prayers for my friend Angela and baby Sophia.
Angela's Facebook note last week says it best.
"All I can say is if u doubt that God exists and the power of prayer look into my Sophia's eyes. The docs were so concerned over her pulmonary artery being so dialated and after further testing it was apparently MIS-READ! Now we know how many people have been praying and this wad not a mis-read. They have the ultrasound pics and tests to prove it. Science vs God and God won!!!! Amen!!"

Not only was Baby Sophia born pink (meaning she was breathing and her heart was pumping an adequate supply of oxygen through her body) but the doctors can find NO evidence of the original condition they were so concerned about. She is not completely out of the woods, but things are looking up! God is so, so good!!! She is home with her mom, dad, and 3 big sisters and will stay home until her surgery to repair the tiny hole in her heart.
Your prayers are still appreciated!
And for the outfits- in the words of my friend, Heidi-weak.
Ready for it?
 Breadwinner was out of town. I did my best with my remote shutter, but eek-scary.
Floral dress and gray drapey sweater-American Eagle, White skirt-Old Navy, go-to camel belt-Target, fabulous cowboy boots-hand me down from my best friend.
Momma Go Round did a series on dressing your summer clothes for fall. Thought the triple digit desert temperatures aren't feeling much like fall- I decided to give it a go. What do you think about this dress unbuttoned on the lower half and worn over a skirt? And white- after Labor Day. *gasp* When the temps cool I will probably wear this with a chunkier sweater and maybe some cable tights.
As always linking up with Lindsey.
What are you most looking forward to this fall?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What we wore and BIG Prayer Request

Happy Wednesday!
Temperatures are rising in the Southern California desert.
Just when we thought fall might be coming, back into the triple digits.
GGGoooooo DAWGS, Sic 'em!
Wednesday-Working on the Preschool website. Breadwinner came home from work fairly early, so we spent some time enjoying the newly rebuilt swing set
Blue strapless maxi dress, khaki sweater-NY&Co, Brown stretchy belt-Forever21
 I asked Big Sister to make a Kindergarten face, this is what she gave me.
Friday- Wear your College Colors day!
 The girls were all decked out in their University of Georgia gear!
Unfortunately this is the only photo I have of me for the day. Oh the blur
Black cowl neck top, NY&co, red sash- hmmm?, denim skirt hand me down
Sunday-Birthday party for a friend back in our old city. Girls Road trip! Just Mommy and the girls, Daddy is out of town.
I love that a few ruffles, a wide belt and a lovely rosie necklace make a plain tee adorable!
white ruffled skirt-NY&Co, charcoal tee-American Eagle, Pacific Allorahandmade Rosies, Camel belt-Target, Red wedges, JCPenney
Tuesday-Working on the Preschool Back to School Night
Found this top in my fabric scraps. I could never figure out how to wear it- and now- BELTS!
Even though it was over 100 degrees today I went with a twist on the classic office look-Button down poplin and khaki pants.
Tuxedo front pin stripe tunic-Aerie, Khaki crops-American Eagle
Purple flats from my mom
Owl necklace-(the preschoolers love it!-me, too)- Vintage Wanna Bee, Black polka dot bangle- super old, pewter belt-NY&Co
As always, linking up with Lindsey.
Will you do me a favor today? Will you say a prayer for my friend, Angela? She's in labor with her newest daughter right now! Sophia Grace has major heart defects and does not have a good prognosis. Pray she born pink. Pray she is breathing. Pray God heals her tiny heart so she can grow up with her loving parents and big sisters!
Pray for baby Sophia.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

OH my goodness, Oh my GOODNESS

Remember my friend Sarah?
The one who tried and prayed and prayed and tried for a baby for 10 years when God opened their hearts to international adoption? Remember the two plus years of waiting? Meeting their son for the first time, then hearing adoption was closed to Americans and he would never come home? Remember how fervently we all prayed and how the judges heart was softened and how CHARLIE IS HOME NOW?!
Sarah and her husband Chad's heart couldn't me more full living the lives of parents to a toddler.
Well, Sarah got a call last week. From a mom. Who wants them to adopt her baby. Her still in the womb, due in November tiny infant B.A.B.Y!
Naturally they are over the moon and
Will you pray for Sarah? Pray for wisdom in her decision. Is God growing her family and giving her the tiny infant she always prayed for? Or is Satan playing horrible tricks?
Pray for Sarah. And her husband. And sweet Charlie.
Oh and visit her blog. She's adorable. And hilarious with words. And I love her.