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Monday, November 14, 2011


You may remember my friend, Alyson hosts a Random Acts of *Holiday* Kindness link up party every Monday on her blog. This week I was the recipient of some pretty amazing kindness!
A couple months ago my friend, Katie- you know, the one who gave away that super cute owl clutch last week- send me a photo of a new product for my opinion. It was a new tote bag.
I instantly fell in love and told her it might not make it to the shop because I might buy it on the spot! Then the practical side of me kicked in- 'Meagan, you have so many bags. Do you really need another one?'
I wanted it. I NEEDED it. But I was good and said no.
Then the fall Sew Funky Market came along and Katie was directly across from me
With, yep- the bag staring me in the face. Taunting me...'You know you want to take me home. You know I'm so stinking cute you can't stand it'.
and if THAT wasn't bad enough, she brought the matching zippered pouch! Photobucket
It took all my will power to be good- be practical, and leave the bags there.
Katie had other plans.
She knew all along how much I loved that tote and wanted it to come home to me.
So she packaged it up with a pretty little note and sent it my way. Photobucket
When I checked the mail this morning I almost cried!
I just love this girl!!
You should love her, too.
She found her old recipe blog she thought she lost, re-named it and is blogging again!
Go check her out at Raising Oranges and give her another virtual hug for me.
Thank you, Katie!!!


Eisley Rae Clothing said...

Katie is so so sweet for sending you that bag. I know how much you loved it. But, you are also kinda deserving.. cause you're a pretty awesome friend! Enjoy your bag & hope it doesn't go missing. ;) #kidding #kindof

Katie said...

You better take good care of it. And for some reason I think Alyson needs one now huh? So much for one of a kind ;)

You do deserve it!

Chelsea said...

That is so cute!