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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Digging Deep

T minus 2 days of prep remaining for the mother of all Southern California handmade markets- the Holiday Queen Bee Market.
I know, I'm still in shock they accepted me again.
It's been a zoo around our house
There is an 8ft by 4ft booth living in my craft room...aka the Surprise Room- another story for another day. The living room is covered in wreaths, felt, Christmas ornaments and yarn.
Oh, and did I mention over the weekend Little Sister came down with a horrible case of croup? Yep, finally took her to the doctor today because I couldn't bear the terrible cough, horse voice, and grabbing at her throat every time I even mentioned breathing. She's on the upswing for sure- and now Big Sister is showing symptoms.
And then there is the other news-I'm still trying to figure out how to post about it. No- we are not pregnant- don't go getting all crazy on me.
In the midst of all the chaos I did manage to get up and dressed every day this week- including the weekend. I EVEN did my hair a few days and actually put on some make up.
Walking on the wild side.
I even ventured into the depths of the back of my closet-that makes my closet sound humongous. It's fabulous, but things don't really get lost in there...I don't think. Hmmm- that sounds like another post, too. So- now 3 teaser posts in- let's get back on task. I broke out my dusty old jean jacket last week and a pair of hippie bootcut cords I forgot about (thank you, ShopGal!). It wasn't the most creative outfit, but it did the trick.
Um, and yes- my blog my headless photos. Wasn't such a fan of the no make up face
Black ruffled front henley- Old Navy, denim jacket-NY&Co, khaki cords-American Eagle via ShopGal (years ago), green wedges-Athens, GA boutique
Want a little sneak peek of some special holiday items coming with me to Queen Bee?
I thought you might.
Better get there early. These bits of sparkly fabulousness will go quick!
If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you already caught a glimpse of a few of my other new products.
Here are a few more reasons to stop by Friday night. 
The argyle yarn wreaths are available in 8", 12" and limited quantities of the fabulous 18" size!
As always, I'll have a few of my trademark hoot friends in several sizes, too.
Can't wait for Queen Bee this weekend? Don't live in Southern California?
Raising Oranges is giving away a 12" version of this Black Tie Christmas Wreath.
Stop by and leave a comment to enter!
The beautiful 18" version pictured here is coming with me to Queen Bee. 
Want to call dibs?
Happy Wednesday!
As always, linking up with Lindsey and Nina.


Rags to Stitches said...

Love those shoes! I love being comfy, and I love how a denim jacket can "dress" up any outfit and make you feel put together for the day. Praying you sell out of everything at Queen Bee. Love ya!

Flor said...

Your goodies are so cute!
Love how you paired the green shoes with this outfit.. it added the perfect touch! very cute :)
and there are plenty of times that I had wished afterwards that I had cropped my pictures to exclude my facial expressions lol :)

Ramona Iordan said...

love all your wreaths! i'll see you friday at the queen bee market. i'm just coming to look and buy!

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

A simple outfit is always good...because you have some very good staple items going on in it! I love the pop of green from the shoes!

Hope that all those teaser posts you need to know write are going to turn out okay...I hope all is well!

Stacy said...

I totally wanna go now!!! Dang it :/

EverydayMomStyle said...

Just found you on WWIW, love the green shoes!

marissa said...

I love your shoes too have fun at the market your stuff looks great I'd love it if you would add this to my blog party at