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Saturday, October 1, 2011

A little dust

My sweet friend, Kimmie may be in and out the next week or so sprucing up the place.
Please pardon our dust while Kimmie makes it even MORE Fabulous around here
I learned a lot at Blog Sugar nearly a week ago.
The hardest part is letting go and trusting.
Quit stressing about my blog/shop and let God take care of it.
He put Kimmie in my life several months ago, and now I'm giving my blog to her completely
and trusting
It's hard to give up control
But she is so amazing.
It'll be Fabulous,


UpsideDown Kate said...

Absolutely LOVE the design lady. So, so, so fabulous.

Sam said...

Let go and let God... so hard, but so what He wants us to do. xoxo