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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Costumes: Fancy Nancy and Ladybug Girl

It's Halloween Week at Fairly Fabulous!!!!!
Since it was the most searched post the last month, I'm starting the week with a flashback to my girls' Halloween costumes 2 years ago. Wow, they were so little!

2009-The first year of all girlie costumes.
Big Sister wanted to be Fancy Nancy and together we decided Little Sister would be Ladybug Girl...mostly Little Sister just wanted to do/be anything Big Sister suggested.
The Ladybug wings I made for Big Sister's first Halloween came in handy and fit Little Sister like a charm. Luckily we purchased the black long sleeved onsies from Children's Place each winter for the first 2 years of Big Sister's life, so we had one on hand in Little Sister's size. Some new red and black striped tights and our favorite red patten leather shoes were great accessories.
Perhaps my favorite part of her costume though, was my first attempt at a tutu. Over 100 yards of red and black tulle, red and black satin ribbon, and red and black organdy ribbon completed Little Sister's girlie look. Well, that and a red boa that certainly didn't last long and a darling red thin headband with black lace, tiny bow, (from Mommy's great friend Julianna) and some additional pipe cleaner antenna completed Little Sister's first homemade costume.
Big Sister was a bit more elaborate with her pink feather boa, turquoise crochet flower headband from Gramm, wild piggie tails with multiple satin ribbon bows, flower and tulle wand from Children's Place clearance, green fairy dress up wings, purple flower tutu from my Fabulous Aunt Darlene, Mommy embellished pink tee shirt, Mommy made purple polka dot leg warmers, huge fuschia polka dot bows on her sparkly white shoes, and pink and purple beaded necklaces and bracelets (the jewelry was Miss Julianna's contribution to the costume-she was in town visiting while Mommy was working on the costumes and wanted to add her own special touch- perfect!).
This year the costumes got double the workout as we joined our friend's at their church Halloween party a few nights before our real Halloween trick or treating.
Big Sister even won an award for Most Original Halloween costume.
Of course, I was beaming after spending time sewing ribbon ruffles and rosettes on the pink plain shirt to complete this year's 'fabulously fancy' costume.
Almost as Fancy as her top, was the bottom half of her costume.
Polka dot leg warmers I made, and hot glued extra wide polka dot ribbon to the already fancy sparkly Target clearance Mary Jane's completed the extraordinary (that's a fancy word for great ;) ) costume!
Definitely my favorite costumes thus far- and perfect for each of their Big personalities.

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Eisley Rae Clothing said...

OH my gosh! The girls were SO little & sooo cute! LOVE the whole fancy Nancy theme. Adorable. You did a great job on both of their costumes!

Melissa, SoChick! said...

100 yards of tule?! Whoa! Fabulous costumes and adorable little chicks!

Lindsay R said...

how cute! love their costumes!