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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cowgirl Costume and Giant Pumpkins

One of my favorite costumes thus far was Big Sister's 3rd Halloween.
She was a cowgirl-YeeHaw!
I had an idea in my head and was pretty happy with the result.
Brown butterfly fabric, caramel colored fringe, brown scrap fabric for a sash and thigh tie tabs

She was super excited to wear her favorite pink cowgirl boots (clearance find from Children's Place $4.99!- they've since been through THREE little girls- Little Sister may get to wear them again this fall)
And the shirt- ah it gave me fits at first.
Turns out, you shouldn't wait until the last minute to find a little boys' white dress shirt.
Children's Place finally came through for me. Felt a little strange shopping on the boy side of the store.
I took a little of the butterfly fabric to use as the yoke at the back of the shirt and shoulder accents with a little extra fringe.
 The front of her shirt was finished off with a brown zigzag stitch down the front for a little extra detail.
Oh and the hat? Thank you, Gymboree boys clearance section!
Who knew the boys section would be so helpful with 2 little girls?
Poor Big Sister didn't have much hair back then. She was mistaken for a boy all night trick or treating-despite her teeny tiny piggie tails at the back of her cow'girl' hat.
Oh- and the two giant pumpkins in these photos- we grew them in our backyard that year! 
Big Sister is sitting on the 301 pound beauty. The 127 pounder she leaned on earlier in the post on our old front step.


Eisley Rae Clothing said...

Holy pumpkins!! What the heck!? That's amazing. How cute is she? I love the whole costume. You're so smart. ;)

Michell @ Girl In Air said...

Super CUTE!! Now that's a pumpkin! Big enough to put my boy IN for a photo:-)

Julie B said...

Nice job with the costume! So creative and super cute!

AND HOLY GUACAMOLE on the pumpkins! Where did you get those seeds?!?! Save me a few, will ya???

Katie said...

What a cute and simple costume! seriously!

second, those are some mega pumpkins!!!!! How did you move them? Let alone weigh them??