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Sunday, September 4, 2011

OH my goodness, Oh my GOODNESS

Remember my friend Sarah?
The one who tried and prayed and prayed and tried for a baby for 10 years when God opened their hearts to international adoption? Remember the two plus years of waiting? Meeting their son for the first time, then hearing adoption was closed to Americans and he would never come home? Remember how fervently we all prayed and how the judges heart was softened and how CHARLIE IS HOME NOW?!
Sarah and her husband Chad's heart couldn't me more full living the lives of parents to a toddler.
Well, Sarah got a call last week. From a mom. Who wants them to adopt her baby. Her still in the womb, due in November tiny infant B.A.B.Y!
Naturally they are over the moon and
Will you pray for Sarah? Pray for wisdom in her decision. Is God growing her family and giving her the tiny infant she always prayed for? Or is Satan playing horrible tricks?
Pray for Sarah. And her husband. And sweet Charlie.
Oh and visit her blog. She's adorable. And hilarious with words. And I love her.

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Charlie's Mama and Papa said...

You are so sweet- I love you too! Still not knowing what to do...I guess we wouldn't know what to do with ourselves without agonizing waiting...You'll be the first to know! (After the moms hear of course...)
Love you girlfriend!