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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Great News

Good morning Meagan,

Thank you for your e-mail regarding "Hal".   Sadly we are unable to repair your original Hal, but we can give you a brand new one (at no charge to you)  we are not allowed to alter or repair the wiring in any way.   I would be most happy to put one in the mail today to be sent directly to your home of course we would direct the mail directly your Kennedy as we know how much children love to receive things in the mail.  We can Kennedy that "Hal" had his "all better" repairs and was taken to our "fluff and Stuff" salon to have a fur bath and fluff so that is why he looks brand new!  Of course if you think she would know the difference and would be quite upset with a new one we will do any repairs we can to your original "Hal" but it would not include any lighting on the atlers.   I look forward to your e-mail so that I may help get Hal home to his bestest buddy in the world!!


Dr. Robin,  Bear MD
Build-A-Bear Workshop(r)

We loved Build a Bear before this whole ordeal- now...hands down- our favorite place for new stuffed friends. And no, these posts were in no way sponsored by Build A Bear, but yes- We DO love them and would not be sad if they wanted to offer a sponsorship. *wink*
For those of you thinking- BAB is too expensive for me- I thought that at first, too! They have several animals (new ones coming out all the time) at the $12 price point. Our girls get to choose either a new 'friend' OR a new outfit for a friend at home each time we go in (usually with a coupon). And YES- even the $10 and $12 animals are adorable. Example? The chocolate doggies the girls took home for their birthdays- the first 'matching' animals in our house (they each received a $5 gift card/coupon via email as part of the birthday club so these little sweeties were only $7!)
Thank you, Build-A-Bear! Your customer service continues to amaze me!


Eisley Rae Clothing said...

Ok, THAT is impressive! Everything about it.. especially that they'll include info so that little Kennedy knows why Hal looks the way he does! Very, very cool.

Sam said...

Awesome!! I, too, love BABW and think they do a great job with their customer service. Cate & I went in on Friday and when they realized we were "just looking" they offered for Cate to help make the two display foxes that they needed to make that day. They go the extra mile and that's worth it to me!

I'm glad Hal will be coming home soon!