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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What I Wore: Queen Bee

It's no big secret I haven't been blogging much lately.
As it turns out, getting accepted as a vendor to the greatest handmade market of all time isn't the hardest part of the process. Designing a new booth from the ground up, making the booth happen AND filling it with product all while attempting to control the growing pile of laundry, keep a quasi clean house- oh and be a decent mom and wife is the hard part.
Did I mention revolving door out of town guests?
Pop is here currently (my dad) and I'm hoping when he leaves Thursday I can catch up on all the housework, laundry, back log of blog posts, and then there is planning and organizing my girls' birthday party which is happening the 27th...of this month-a week after their birthdays because, well- apparently I'm a bad Mommy.
Enough of the drama- you know the drill. Lindsey started What I Wore Wednesday to keep herself accountable to get dressed each morning. Take time for herself. Be an example to her girls. Then she invited her readers to do the same. I started linking up to make more of an effort. Now I have a whole new fashion perspective! Things I used to look at and say 'Oh that's cute on her- but I could never wear it' now hang in my closet, slide onto my body and make me feel fabulous! 
And now onto the last two sporadic weeks of fashion as I got ready for Queen Bee...and then...the BIG DAY!
Way back, two weeks ago-Wednesday, July 27th- Play time in Tehachapi with Gramm and the girls. Also, day 3 of my 30 day shred-feeling tough. (and the last day since! haha)
 new lavender dress from Gramm-American Eagle, gray sandals-NY&Co
Fabulous new modern pearl necklace-my latest AlloraHandmade in Pacific
Monday, Aug 1, Working at the Preschool-last day of the week for me.
navy ruffled dress, denim bermuda cut offs-American Eagle, Gold shrug, gray flower skinny belt-NY&Co, scarf-Old Navy, flats- gift from Gramm
Tuesday, August 2nd-Picked up Pop at the airport (yes, my parents are married, yes, they travel separately to visit, yes it seems weird-but it totally works)
 this outfit was way cuter when I looked in the mirror this morning
new floral dress from Gramm, gray drapey sweatery (what are these called?!)-American Eagle, wide camel belt-Target, fun wedges-gift from Gramm and Pop
fun purple necklace- gift from Angie
August 6th- Queen Bee Market- my friend, Emily flew in from GA on Thursday night to help with the entire weekend. It was pretty much the greatest and craziest girls weekend in a long time!
 Me and my branchy booth finally set up, changed clothes and ready for the day!
mustard stripe top-new from Gramm-Forever 21, vintage style hipster jeans-American Eagle
 Isn't my friend, Emily adorable?!
belt-American Eagle, shoes- gift from Gramm and Pop, bracelet-NY&Co, Necklace-beautiful AlloraHandmade in Pacific. (I got a million compliments on it all day), stripey Mama Hoot-FairlyFabulous
Were you at the Queen Bee Market? What did you think of my new booth? I'm VERY interested in feedback for future markets.
Sunday, August 7th-Em and I slept in until just before hotel check out! EEk! Then roadtrip-ed it home via a little PCH, little freeway, little u-turning, little random touristy was perfect!
 started the day in a hotel mirror
brand new super cutie knit dress from the Queen Bee-the lovely StacyLynn, new Allorahandmade large felt flower clip- hope she lists then in the shop soon!
Em's new necklace is from Queen Bee, too- MarineParents
 stopped in Ocean Beach for a few silly photos
and lunch in Newport Beach. I added my wide stripe coral cardi-cape from Anthropologie
Monday, August 8th-sad day- took Emily to the airport then home to start catching up on laundry, cleaning, and just being a Mommy and Wife.
Did I mention how much I love my AlloraHandmade Pacific modern pearl necklace?
Gray tee, cut off denim shorts, pink belt-American Eagle at sunset in the desert
Tuesday, August 9th-Tehachapi play time with Pop
 new turquoisey-teal knit skirt-StacyLynn from Queen Bee (Didn't go to Queen Bee? Wishing you had? Have I convinced you to go to the next one yet?!)
white tee-American Eagle, camel belt-Target, red rosies-AlloraHandmade, red wedge flops-JC Penney, fun matching clutch-happy accident- Olive Blue
So many updates to come! Thank you for sticking with me through my crazy time preparing for the Sew Funky Market and Queen Bee Market.
Oh hey- I forgot to tell you- I have a Fairly Fabulous Facebook page now.
Do you like me yet?


Goodnight moon said... forgot to mention that you meet me! Silly girl! I forgive you though;) Can't wait to see you at the next market! And yes...your BFF is adorable!

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

I cannot wait to see a full post on the Queen Bee...your booth is gorgeous, love all the twigs for your tweets & hoots. I think I love the first outfit best, the purple with that new Allora Handmade necklace is great!

April said...

cute cute cute! i do LOVE all your outfits!!! that turquoise skirt from stacy lynn looks awesome on you dear <3


Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

P.S. Yes, crazy FL lady is up at 3:26 am. I know you are thinking it. Lilah woke up right before 3 & when I got back to my room from soothing her I though, "oh, I bet WIWW link up is ready!" haha!

Flor said...

Wow, you are one busy mama! I don't know how you do it :) I love that teal skirt - it looks great on you (and your long amazing legs!). Sounds like Queen Bee was a sucess.. and now your making me I would've gone :)

Ania said...

Such cute outfits, I love the mustard top and the teal skirt. I love colour (and yet I still seem to wear mostly black or grey) and need to wear more of it.

Amber said...

You look fabulous honey and I so wish I could have gone to the market. That green skirt is wonderful, I adore it. Have a great week honey. ax

moreygirl said...

love the wedges you wore to queen bee! And I want to see a post on that too! :)

Mandy @ This Girl's Life said...

Adorable outfits! I love the gray striped dress and you have great accessories!

Delaney said...

Lovely as always!

Conni said...

wow, you look great for being that busy!!

Looks like you had a great time, can't wait to see more about it.

Love the big flower in your hair that day too

My House of L said...

Love your style!

j. w. said...

you're so cute! love your style

Erin @ Home with the Boys said...

Love the floral dress and that last skirt! Great style!

Visiting from The Pleated Poppy!

babyboybakery said...

Chica! I loved your booth! My favorite was the branchy goodness. It was a really nice element. It is awesome getting to know you!

Linda Z said...

You are so adorable!! I like your style and I like your "branchy booth"!! :)

Jenn said...

I love both Tuesday outfits!! I like the drapey vest thing on the first Tuesday outfit. I have a similar floral dress that I'm thinking of using your outfit as an inspiration. And I really love the simplicity of the 2nd Tuesdays outfit, especially that skirt!

Complex Cardigans

Tracy Rogers said...

Meagan, it was so nice meeting you! Your booth and products were stinkin' ADORABLE!! Not to mention you are a "HOOT" yourself ;) Until next time!! xo, Tracy

Lisa said...

I love pretty much ALL your outfits! :) The cute flower necklace is super gorgeous!~ I'm visiting from The Pleated Poppy WIWW!
Lisa @

Michele said...

Love your branchy booth! It looks like you had a blast :) Your first dress is awesome. You look super cute, as always!

Eisley Rae Clothing said...

You are so cute! I love all of your outfits. The Stacy Lynn dress is beautiful on you! I think you need to be my shopping partner. haha.

Your booth was gorgeous! Seriously, I loved it and thought it was extremely creative & cute.

Emily Zavitz said...

Wow-- you're hot! LOVE the turquoise skirt outfit! Is that an Olive Blue clutch that I see? I'm learning so much, fearless teacher :) Miss you already!

april@gingerbread said...

you are seriously too cute! i love how you layer all your clothes...any tips...i wanna try doing that i just get really nervous im gonna look crazy...ha!
no really

Rags to Stitches said...

So cute!! Love all your new outfit amazingness. Can I borrow your mom to take me shopping?! Your booth turned out amazing!! Love you!