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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We Were a Sitcom

The last month has been crazy.
A good, kind of we are so blessed that people love us kind of crazy, but insanity none the less.
Gramm (my mom) flew in from FL for 8 days, wherein birthday shopping for the girls and Queen Bee Market prep ramped up in a major way. Gramm left and the next day one of my BFFs (yes- I'm 31 years old and I really do say BFF-Best Friend Forever for those of you following along at home) drove up for the night with her son-the girls' best friend- to knock out all the product tagging for Queen Bee Market. Three days later Pop (my dad- yes, they are married-35 years to be exact-but they like to travel separate) arrived for 9 days. Two days into Pop's last minute trip, my awesome friend, Emily arrived from GA. We stayed up waaayyy to late working on last minute Queen Bee prep with my local friend, the Astronaut. Left the following day for our 3 day trip to Riverside, then San Diego-made it home just in time for dinner Sunday night, then driving Em back to the airport Monday. Two days later our 6th and final pilgrimage to the airport in 3 weeks to take Pop home.
Whew- are you exhausted yet?
Oh, and did I mention Daddy's brother drove in for that last weekend while Mommy and Miss Emily were in San Diego, too?
Needless to say, we needed a few days to get back to normal and decompress as a family this past weekend.
Last night, the kids were in bed, my computer was closed-a modern day miracle- and Breadwinner and I were snuggled up on the sofa drooling over Food Network.
It got later, our eyes were droopier, so we got ready for bed and snuggled into bed to watch the last 7 minutes of the mouthwatering Best thing I Ever Ate: Street Food.
There we were in early 90's sitcom fashion, heads slightly propped on pillows, Breadwinner with a magazine, my eyes glued to the little glowing box when a familiar name and face flashed across the screen.
I gasped, nudged Breadwinner and exclaimed- 'Did you see that?! Pioneer Woman. SHE is a blogger. She wrote a cookbook, and now- she's has her own show on the Food Network...See?'
It was sort of the validating answer to the questions and frustrations he has surrounding my blogging and shop time. See? This is the normal and usual progression. I'll keep doing this and eventually I will be on Food Network....except that I don't blog about food, and have no desire to be on television, and am NOwhere close to anything of the sort. And let's face it- how many bloggers do you know that have their own television show
He moved the corner of his magazine in a lame effort to see the television and grunted in false interest-'Mmm-hmmm'.
For that 22 seconds, I felt like a sitcom. Laying in bed, watching television, attempting to justify my life through a commercial.
It seemed funnier at the time.
My life- in a sitcom.
PS Seriously- Pioneer Woman. Food Network. Blogger turned Food Network Star....with lots of fun stuff in the middle.

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