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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I miss my Buddy, Hal

Sometimes it's the silly little things that break our hearts.

Dear Bear Hospital,
About 10 days ago my 3 year old daughter decided to be brave and send her Hal Moose to the hospital for 'surgery'. One of his antler lights has never worked, and the embroidery around another came completely unraveled. We talked for weeks about Hal being gone a REALLY long time, and how some of her other Build a Bear animals would have to keep her company while Hal was away. She finally mustered up the courage to leave him last Sunday, after kissing him goodbye and taking home a new stuffed puppy to help ward away the tears.
She was fine for a week and now whimpers and cries every night and at nap time missing 'my buddy, Hal'.
I called our local store where we dropped Hal off for his 'special ambulance ride' to the hospital and they recommended emailing you.
Is there any way Hal can be sent back to us? We understand it was nowhere near the 6-8 weeks, but Kennedy is just a mess without her friend. She even told all her preschool teachers and friends that Hal is so sad in the hospital and he misses his Mommy, Kennedy. We are willing to pay for return shipping if need be.
She is breaking our hearts with her sad faces and tears regarding Hal.
I promised her I would call and see if Hal could come home sooner. She understands he will still be broken, but can't bear to be without him.
Thank you for your help.
Mama to One Heartbroken Girl

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engineeringirl said...

Now I'M crying over Hal!!??