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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The MOTHER of all WIWW-30 days: 17-30

It's been a few weeks of crazy, but now it's time to get back to business.
June 13th I started a little journey with hundreds of other bloggers-
30 days+30 articles of clothing=30 outfits
This was my first attempt at the challenge.
It took 37 days, a few pretty much repeat outfits, 2 replacement pieces, and a whole lot of patience, but I did it.
Are you ready for the mother of all What I Wore Wednesday posts?
 The last 14 days of 30 for 30 and an extra outfit just for fun.
As usual, I'm linking up with Lindsey and Nina.

17-Wednesday, June 29th-Drop the kids at school, then home to keep sewing for Sew Funky Market
Did I mention I managed to get 2 full weeks away from the preschool to focus on my first market?!
Navy stripe top, jeans-J Crew Outlet, Green wedge shoes-Athens, GA boutique

 pearl costume necklace-World Market- gift 
18-Thursday, June 30th-Dropped Big Sister at Summer day camp, home to play with Little Sister and have a Disney Princess movie marathon while sewing.
Coral shirt-J Crew outlet-gift, Denim cut offs-American Eagle, Belt-Forever 21, Camel shoes-old from Bakers, necklace-NY and Co
Little Sister wore her Belle dress up with Mommy's heels when we got home-and Pippy Longstocking piggies today.
19-July 4th-Lazy day, watching the kids in the inflatable pool and sandbox-more stitching, then a fireworks box the size of Little Sister in the backyard at sun down (never leave Breadwinner in charge of fireworks purchase again!)
Red sandals-NY and Co, Red bracelet-hmmm-old
White boatneck-Target
Blue denim cutoff-American Eagle (PS these are still Breadwinner's all time favorite shorts-yeah!-he still loves me)
Little Gussy ruffles to add to the 'All American' look!
20-July 5th-Dropped the kids at school, snapped a few shots of our playground construction, then home to sew some more-no makeup today. Eek!
Green dress-Aeropostale, Denim crops-American Eagle, Khaki sweater (TOO warm for THIS today)-NY and Co, same red sandals
21-July 6th-Playground equipment arrived at the Preschool today. Everyone teased me about being dressed inappropriately to be climbing around a construction site. Pish-Posh- they don't know me very well. ;)
Brown tank-JC Penny, White skirt-Old Navy, Bloom Belt-The Pleated Poppy
same green wedges, necklace and bracelet-NY and Co
22-July 8th-Happy 6 year anniversary! We basically postponed. Did nothing. Breadwinner went to work, I helped chaperone the Preschool Summer Camp cherry picking field trip! Both girls loved eating cherries right off the tree and spitting the pits on the ground-ha! This is really the only picture of me all day-helping Little Sister across the monkey bars.
same stripe slouchy tee, same dark denim cut offs
23-July 9th- SEW FUNKY MARKET day! EEEEeek! How did I manage to take a million pictures all day and not get ANY with my new friends, Christina, Katie, and Kristen?! Better yet- this is LITERALLY the only photo of me all day- Thank goodness for Lee.f and their amazing photobooth!
Full Sew Funky recap coming
White tee-hmmm...just realized this is really not a 30 for 30 outfit. Since I only REALLY wore 29 pieces (it was too hot for some of my sweater/jacket/heavy shirt picks), we'll call this tee a substitution. Brown belt-Forever 21, same jeans, favorite gray apron tucked to wear as a halfie (to hold my change)-Anthropologie, gray rosette necklace-Allorahandmade
24-Monday, July 11th, Back to work at the Preschool-lots of photos and website updates, and projects to catch up on!
 Black tank-Old Navy, Denim bermuda crops, black beaded necklace and pink belt-American Eagle, Pink felt flower headband-Anthropologie, Black and white polka dot bracelet-Eclectic Elegance, Silver flower sandals-NY and Co
25-Tuesday, July 12-Back to the old routine- Preschool projects. Today we ripped out some old cabinets (yes- we moved them- yes, I wore this all day...cuz that's how I roll. tee hee)
Long maxi skirt worn as a dress-Forever 21, Brown crops-NY and Co, same stretchy brown Forever 21 belt, same khaki sweater, Natural Life necklace-gift from my Real Life best friend, Shop Gal
26-Wednesday, June 13-Mommy's Day off- home to catch up on laundry and clean.
teal slouchy strapless tunic-American Eagle, White capris-NY and Co, same silver sandals
New Rainbow Frame in the shop!
Fabulous plum shell necklace- gift from my friend Angie
27-Thursday, July 14-Trip to IKEA for Preschool office furniture....and other goodies, of course! EEK!
Cream, geometric tunic-NY and Co (it was still chilly when I picked this for my 30for30), same Forever 21 brown belt, same J Crew Outlet jeans
28-Sunday, July 17th-Church
Teal dress-Forever 21, butterfly scarf-Old Navy, cream stretchy belt-Forever 2, strappy camel colored heels-hand me down, gold shrug and shell bracelet-NY and Co.
Wow- I really should wear my hair down and do it more often. :)
29-Sunday, July 17th-Afternoon birthday party with the girls
Same Aeropostale green dress, same dark denim American Eagle cut offs (uncuffed), same strechy belt from church, Olive scarf-Natural Life- gift from Shop Gal, Red shell bracelet-Beach boutique in Melbourne, FL- same red sandals (which died yesterday- so, so, so sad)
Extra-I took a tiny 30 for 30 break and remembered to photograph! Day of Preschool projects and 1st day of VBS!

Navy ruffled dress, Belt with turquoise beads (knotted), Jeans, and scarf-American Eagle
Braid to match my daughters who went to a Rapunzel party yesterday and had braids and flowers in their hair.
30-Tuesday July 19-Day 2 VBS, final day of Preschool projects-getting ready for Gramm (my mom's) big arrival tomorrow! EEk!
 White tee-JC Penny, White tank-NY and Co, same bermuda denim cut offs-American Eagle, Camel belt-Target, Fun scarf-Old Navy

That's it! The completion of my first 30 for 30! Whoop, whoop! Now my entire closet is back open for business and boy am I excited to wear some of my faves again!
I'm working on one final round up with a photo of each outfit like Kendi does just to gain a little perspective. Next time (yes- I'm crazy enough to do this again!) I need to do better with variety.
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Happy Shopping!


Stacy said...

Whoop whoop!! You did it :-0 Good job lady. I totally failed :/ I've been losing weight & my bottoms are too big & 1/2 my stuff was too hot for the sudden change in weather. Lame!! We need to chat soon - I wanna hear all about the market. I see your mom is coming tomorrow - how long is she in town? When is a good time for you?

Delaney said...

Cute outfits, as always!

Heather said...

wow! 30 days + 30 articles of clothing... what a fun challenge. You look great and have such style!

just popping in for a visit from the pleated poppy :)

Jane said...

Wow crazy! But so fun I assume :) I love 18 and 28, such lovely outfits all over though. Looks like you had fun :)

Alissa said...

Yay! You did it! Congratulations!

Love your Sew Funky Market outfit. Looks like you're having a great time!

I also love the pop of green from the wedges on outfit 17. So cute!

Off to your shop to check out that frame up close!

Rebecca said...

So many cute outfits!

Momma of The B.M.C. Report said...

Such cute outfits and YOU DID IT!!! Great Job. xoxox

Jamee @ A New Kind of Normal said...

Wow! I am so inspired! I love all of your outfits! Congrats on completely the 30 in 30 challenge! I may have to give that a try! I'm a newbie to WIWW so I may give myself a little time first! Stopping by from the Pleated Poppy linkup!

Emily Zavitz said...

I didn't see any repeats, sister. . . Each outfit looked adorable! Love the rainbow frame, too!

Conni said...

wow, love them all, especially the coral top in the second outfit.

Happy Belated Anniversary.