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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gramm is Here-New Clothes Edition

Gramm is here!
That would be my mom for those of you following along at home.
She lives in Florida, we live in California. It's been 7 months since we've seen her. What does this mean? Spoiling, spoiling, and lots of girlie fun! We've been shopping til we drop for the girls' birthday, back to school, even early Christmas happies...and playing every second (squeezing in a little Queen Bee Market prep time, too!)
It's tough for me to let new clothes hang with tags very long, so get ready for some new and fresh outfits! 
As always, I'm excited to link up with two inspirational gals, Lindsey and Nina.

Wednesday-Dropped off girls at VBS and trekked to the airport to pick up Gramm. They knew she was coming soon, but didn't know today was the day! Started the day with a friend at church saying, 'You can't be here looking like that. You are every stay at mom's dream of the way she will look every day. So fabulous.' Seriously MADE my week! Then seeing the girls' faces when Gramm walked in to pick them up- it was a beautiful day!
 Coral ruffle front tank-Ann Taylor Loft, White tank-Old Navy, Fabulous skirt- StacyLynn from May Queen Bee, Camel belt-Forever 21, Beaded necklace-American Eagle, Rosettes-Pink Lemonade
Amazing new wedges-Gift from Gramm (DSW), she gave them to me at the airport and I switched out the shoes I was wearing immediately. Aren't they adorable?! She finds the best shoes!
Thursday-Quick errands with Gramm and Little Sister while Big Sister went to VBS
 We almost always take pics when Breadwinner gets home. I asked him for creative suggestions today and he just looked at me so I grabbed the grill being silly and he snapped, snapped away! ha- no help.
Another coral top and white bermudas-NY&Co
 Another new pair of wedges from Gramm and Pop. Apparently my dad saw these and decided I needed them. Can't wait to give him a big squeeze for this!
Super fun headband-42nd and Orange- another May Queen Bee purchase
Sunday-Gramm and all her girls drove down to Simi Valley for a girls day out
 Black and White pin stripe ruffle front top and black ruffled skirt-NY&Co-new happies from Gramm, same new wedges from Thursday
Turquoise feather clip-Sillasoup
Monday-Few morning errands then house chores and Queen Bee prep
Polka dot top-Anthro, Midi denim shorts and turquoise studded belt-American Eagle
almost an entire day
This was my first day of 30 day shred- do I look shredded? haha
T minus 10 days and counting until Queen Bee Market- EEEK!


Eisley Rae Clothing said...

You are too cute! Love all of the new clothes. The shoes are both great. The plaid ones.. omg, seriously? Love! You look so good in headbands. Glad you're enjoying your time with Gramma!

Ramona Iordan said...

cute as always!

Jodi said...

I want parents that both buy me shoes!!! Ha ha, they did well! Do you love 30 day shred? I do (when I do it that is...)

Kristine @ JandMs Eye Candy said...

You are rockin as usual!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the wedges!! And that ruffle top AND ruffle skirt!!! You look fabulous!! Enjoy your mom time!! :)


Amy said...

You are so cute! Love the last outfit, it looks so comfy!

Congrats on starting the 30 day shred, it's a great workout! I've done it many times although I only manage to do it for about 10-15 days because I'm lazy. :)

Conni said...

great outfits!! love them all, you are so cute!!

Now why don't my parents buy me shoes, those shoes are awesome, is there room for an adopted sister in your family

Rags to Stitches said...

My dear friend you look amazing!!! Love all your new clothes!!! Makes me so jealous and I have a big desire to go shopping now and spend all my dough. You are going to look fabulous at Blog Sugar!!

My House of L said...

You look great, love the first outfit and the new wedges!

april@gingerbread said...

oh my your clothes are so cute and feminine! Can I shop in your closet? ha!

Ashley said...

love every single piece of EVERY outfit!

Stacy said...

Love ALL the outfits this week Momma! And p.s. I miss you. Feels like we haven't talked in forever. Way too long to be exact. I'm ready for Queen Bee to be over, thank you very much :-0

From Suns To Moons said...

I can't believe you got those fabulously preppy wedges from your "gramm"! My relatives have never been able to buy me anything that I'd actually wear.

Jane said...

Meagan you are amazing!! So fabulous, forget the fairly!!
I know how precious the Gramm time
is. I know she is enjoying every second. Please tell her I said hello.

Flor said...

We love grandma time around here - my kids went to grandmas for a week :)
Your skirts and wedges are so cute! Love your outfits! :)

wholesale artful dodger said...

This post was fabulous and how i love your black skirt, it was very stunning. Big thanks.