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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What I Wore

Dun, dun, dun.....
My last few days of outfit choices from the entire closet. Nothing super spectacular- and my favorite outfit of the week didn't even get photographed.
Luckily- all the pieces I wore that day made it to my 30 for 30 so that outfit will be coming back soon!
If you are new around here- Welcome!
No, I'm not a crazy mama who thinks she rules the fashion world. Quite the opposite- I'm a decently dressed mama in training and thanks to Lindsey, I have a reason to share.
It's my fashion journey- thanks for coming along for the ride.
As usual, I'm linking up with the lovely Lady who inspired me to be a super cute Mama again and a quasi-local blogger friend with super cute style
Wednesday-Preschool work day- prepping for Graduation. Does your child's preschool have a cap and gown graduation? Not sure how I feel about it.
Breadwinner wanted to shoot in the golden sunset light tonight.
lace bottom dress, belt, and leggings-Target, woven wrap and necklace-NY and Co
silver shoes- gift from Gramm

 Loved getting to wear my surprise birthday 'happy' from Ramona!
I always love my diamond earrings from Aunt Dar. The very first pair she bought herself with her hard earned money- super special and she had them reset in a lovely bezel for me a few years ago.
Thursday- started at the Preschool, ended up in town shopping for Sew Funky Market supplies. Today I felt like a little girl dressing up in her Mama's clothes. Cut off shorts- heels, baubly necklace and earrings- my nearly 5 yr old- Big Sister told me I looked Fabulous today. So my child.
Breadwinner was a little preoccupied with piggie backs
so I took my own photo today
 Cream drapey top-Gap,
Belt, denim cut offs-American Eagle
Camel peep toe pumps- super old
Earrings, necklace-NY and Co
camera strap-SheyB
Friday was the super cute outfit that never made it in front of the camera.
Saturday-cleaning, organizing, stacking, cutting, sewing- Sew much work for the Sew Funky Market. tee hee
 When I grabbed the camera and asked Breadwinner to take snap some pics today he paused, looked at me and said- 'Really?'
That's husband for- 'Um, yeah- that outfit is NOT worth photographing'
I disagreed. What do you think?
Drapey vest, denim cut offs, Brown studded belt-American Eagle
Pink slouchy tee-Gap
Gray flower sandals-NY and Co
Next up- my first two days of the 30for30 remix challenge.


Ramona Iordan said...

cute outfits! love the sunlit photos!

Leslie said...

Love all of your outfits! Those sandals are adorable. Super cute!! I found you via the pleated poppy

Flor said...

Im really likin' your cut off shorts! And you rock the belt over the vest look! Very cute outfits :)

Jazmin @ Happily Ever After said...

You have such a cute ward drobe girl!! You are so blessed! :o)

Kristine @ JandMs Eye Candy said...

LOVE your outfits!! You totally rock accessories like nobody's business ;)

Thanks for the inspiration!

Alissa said...

Love the headbands. And to the belted outfit, I also say "Really?!?" (but in a totally different way - more like, "I wish *I* had come up with that ingenious way of tying a belt. Love it!")

Paige said...

I like the AE cutoffs.

Conni said...

I love the drapy tank, super cute.

The leggings under the dress, I need to get a pair of legging capris, that makes such a cute outfit

Thanks for sharing

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

I love the first outfit...lace is my new favorite...probably bc my brother's fiance is looking at lace wedding dresses (sooooo pretty!).

I also love the outfit that Big Sister loved too...even though I'd be too chicken to wear a casual outfit with pull it off perfectly!

Shannon Olson said...

I love the look so cute!
I found you on Pleated Poppy =)

momstheword said...

I loved all your outfits and the last outfit is totally photo worthy. It's fun and totally shows your personality so you rock it, girl!

I'm visiting from The Pleated Poppy (it's my first time participating). said...

I think you look great in them all! My kindergartner had a cap and gown ceremony the other day. Totally teared up at it, but it did occur to me that it seemed a bit over the top.

the pleated poppy said...

thanks for linking up again!


Sharde said...

the headband looks great! i love your outfit too, and yeah... im not really sure about the cap and gown thing either. i know when i was in first grade i had a graduation with a cap and gown and i remember it (not sure if its just because there was a video of it)... but yeah now that i think about it- weird! anyways, i hopped over from pleated poppy!

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