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Monday, June 6, 2011

A week in Questions....

I need suggestions.
So this week I'll be asking questions about organization, decor, all kinds of stuff.
If you have experience in one of these areas, help me out with a comment.

First questions- 
Hey Mamas- Do your children have a million, ba-jillion stuffed animals and baby dolls? How do you store/organize them? Do you throw them all on the bed- effectively camoflauging the fact that there is a place to sleep in the room? Do you have one of those corner net things I had when I was a kid?
Don't have kids but have a fabulous idea for me?
The person with the best suggestion for me will get their blog featured, and a big smile knowing they helped out a friend. 


Megan @ said...

We toss them in one of those mesh pop-up laundry hampers. We also control the clutter by frequently going though and picking out items to take to goodwill.

For awhile I would go through everything myself and pull out the items that I never saw my son playing with but he would always try to pull them out of the donation pile if he saw them. So I told him that there are kids who don't have any toys and asked if there were any that he didn't play with anymore and would want to give to those kids. He surprised me with how many toys he was willing to get rid of.

Now we go through his toys after his birthday and Christmas when he has gotten a bunch of new toys. I gather all of the toys he has of each specific type and he alternates picking one to keep and one to get rid of until we have gone through everything. He actually gets excited now when I tell him its time to go through is toys and he always discovers something that he had forgotten about. Yesterday when my husband and I bought some new summer clothes he told us that we needed to go through our old clothes and pick some to get rid of!

Sorry, I know that wasn't really your question but for me the easiest way to control the clutter is just to cut back on the amount of stuff we have. :)

Mandy @ This Girl's Life said...

Most of our boys' toys are stored in an IKEA expedit shelf with canvas bins. We have bins in 4 of the openings, and put books and larger toys in the other openings. Here is a blog post that shows our system - it is the first photo in the post.

The shelf is now in my son's room which you can see in this post, but the photo only shows the top of the shelf and it is rather untidy. But isn't that how things usually are anyway? ;)

Toy storage is always an issue so I look forward to seeing others' replies!

Delaney said...
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Delaney said...

I'm not a mom, but I was a kid once with lots of stuffed animals! I know my mom used a three-tier hanging basket system to store my beanie babies in my playroom. I also have seen these two products used at places where I have babysat:
Hanging Barrels:
Boon Animal Bag:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&biw=1280&bih=702&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=6013125720891587183&sa=X&ei=uiDtTYf3MJOTtwem3tXJCg&ved=0CIsBEPMCMAU

Rebecca said...

I limit the number of stuffed animals my kids have. My son's bed has a headboard with a shelf and he has a few on that and two larger ones that don't fit on the shelf at the foot of his bed, one special one that he sleeps with.

My daughter has a shelf that can hang to be a box and she keeps a few in there, a few more at the foot of her bed.

Keeping the number to a minimum is the easiest way for me to keep it from getting out of hand. If there's too many no matter how you store them it can look cluttered.

Denise said...

My daughter has a lot of stuffed animals, even at 19. I use an over the door shoe holder to store them on her closet doors. Hope that helps.

Miss Allie said...

When we were little, I had friends that had a mini hammock in the corner of the ceilings that held their stuffed animals so that it kept their room looking tidy. I always wanted one in my room, but I had an old chair instead.

My parents had a chair we didn't need and I had a TON of stuffed animals. We placed the larger ones in the seat, with smaller ones in their laps. There were some around the top (it was against a wall) and on the arms. It was adorable, well other than the color (it could have used a slip cover).

We also did a bookshelf that was half books and half the stuffed animals I wanted specifically on display, those usually meant more to me. I liked to use the stuffed animals as cute bookends if they were stable enough.

April said...

First of all, I only keep the best stuffed animals (I really hate clutter!)...the cheaply made ones get donated. Then then remainders are in a couple places for "rotation". A few creatures are on my daughter's bed, the others are in baskets above her wardrobe. Every so often we pull down the baskets and switch out the stuffed animals. This also gives me the chance to clear out things that she's not interested in any more.

Have fun organizing! I'm working on organizing baby/toddler another one coming soon!

Tammy said...

I don't have any kids, but I have experience with 4 little brothers haha. My two youngest brothers still have fluffy animals and they just put them on the bed.

What we do, is just lay them on the bed where they see what kinds of animals they have. Well actually, they do it themselves 'cause nobody is allowed to touch them. But I would say, display them. That way, you can enjoy the fluffy-ness too! :)

P.S Nice blog. I came across it via 'Fingerprints on the Fridge' :)

Sarah Taylor said...

My daughter has an under the bed rolling box (hers was made for her bed and meant to hold a trundle mattress, but I've seen plastic ones at Target) She can only have a certain number on her bed, and the rest go in the box. If they don't fit in the box, then we weed some out and donate.