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Monday, June 13, 2011

Finally- Thirty Pieces

After weeks of deliberation...and mostly waiting until the last minute to finally decide...
Here they are in all their glory- my 30 'pieces' for my 30 for 30 Challenge.
Because the challenge is to pick 30 items from your closet and remix them into 30 outfits, I wanted to pick a few items I don't wear often to give them new life in my eyes. Of course, there are a few new pieces in the mix, too.
 7 bottoms- (3 shorts, 1 pair leggings, 2 capris, 1 pair of jeans)
 5 pair of shoes
 3 dresses- (2 short, 1 maxi)
 2 skirts- (1 long, 1 knee length)
 3 sweaters, 1 jacket
9 shirts including tunics, tanks, tees, and blouses
And there you have it- 
6 horrible photos
30 pieces of clothing
30 days to make 30 outfits
Welcome to my journey through my closet remix!


Delaney said...

Love your choices! My roommate did this a couple of months ago & I think she's doing it again soon!

Stacy said...

Let's do this! And show our closets who's boss :-0 I have a funny feeling it's gonna be a very long 30 days :/ I just posted my day 1 photos and realized I didn't look nearly as cute as I thought I did. LOL!! Kendi totally rocked it {of course}. Can't wait to see what you wore!

Lexi said...

Best of luck! That printed long skirt is fantastic!

xox Lexi
Glitter & Pearls