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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Another Question

Thank you for all the great suggestions on stuffed animal and baby doll storage. If you have more tips, please jump back and leave them. Remember- the suggestions I use get a feature guest post...and the satisfaction of knowing they helped me stay sane another day. *wink*
Onto the next question(s):
Is your pantry organized or thrown together? Is it beautiful when you open the doors? Or do you brace yourself to catch falling objects as you slowly creek open the door?
We are somewhere in the middle. Should we get tons of beautiful storage containers, or stack boxes and hope for the best?
Once again, my favorite suggestions get blog features. Want me to feature you? Help me get organized.


Rebecca said...

My pantry & cupboards are a work in progress. I have some items in labeled containers but am in need of more containers for the labels I have. I love my vinyl labels for dry goods. I turned 3 big popcorn tins (the kind you can find everywhere around Christmas) into containers for my flours (all purpose, wheat and bread). I have glass canisters for my rices (white and brown). My brown sugar is in a stainless steel canister with a vinyl label as well. I have more labels (ordered from Say it On the Wall) that are just waiting for canisters. I also have two baskets in my pantry that hold misc items like seasoning & soup packets, smaller boxes of pasta, etc. The other holds baby snacks, craisins, things like that. I try to keep my canned goods separate from my boxed goods but need a better system since my pantry is two feet deep and things like small cans of chopped chili gets lost.

My 'pantry' is really just the one deep cupboard, nothing big or fancy. I have two smaller cupboards on either side of my stove that I try to keep organized. One side holds spices, seasonings, oil, rice, popcorn kernels. The other side holds baking smaller baking items like chocolate chips, baking powder, etc.

I would get containers for sure, I like glass because you can see when you're running low but any kind are nice. My plan is to check local thrift stores, clearance shelves and the dollar store for decent containers so I don't have to spend a small fortune organizing my food.

Rebecca said...

And I apologize for the small novel. Some of my pantry/food items are on my blog if you would like to see pictures.

Miss Allie said...

Just hire out my boyfriend. He organizes EVERYTHING!!! Our cabinets are super organized, with each type of food grouped with its like food. We have extra shelving that boxed food and wine sits on. The dishes are grouped to type. We have sooo many cups that they have their own cabinet. Spices and additives have a small cabinet as well.

It's quite nice to know where to look. I like that he's organized because I'm really not.

Shellsea said...

Pantries, aww the dreaded horror. Mine isn't that bad especially since I re-organized two weeks ago. Like Rebecca my "pantry" is a deep cabinet. Absolute worst- I would love lots of shallow shelves in a walk in.

My pantry is not what I want. For that I would have to spend some time at the container store getting adjustable shelving, a can goods rotator, and of course pretty and functional glass jars with vinyl labels. I would also like to glue some sheet metal to the inside door. Cover that with some fabric, use glass spice containers with labels and voila much nicer spice storage.

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

Our pantry sounds like yours...a little bit of both! I have my eye on a piece of furniture at BJ's right now that would become part of our pantry and would go in our kitchen. If I end up getting it, all of my cans and things like that from the pantry will move to it then I can use my pantry for storage of things like my crock pot & such. Decisions, decisions! Gotta go read what everyone else had to share to get some ideas!

Emily Zavitz said...

Ha! we have a "pantry" smaller than a coat closet-- literally! I have three small shelves, and I've designated one for snacks, one for pastas, rice, and cans, and one is for baking stuff. We don't keep much in the way of "shelvable" food; most of what I buy every week goes in the fridge. We have a HUGE armoire fridge, BTW!
As far as organization goes, we stack and hope for the best. The pantry is pretty much empty most of the time, so it's just a matter of lining everything up against the back of the shelves.