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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

30 days- Days One and Two

The time has come-it's 30 for 30 remix!
30 days
30 items
unlimited accessories (except shoes- those count in the 30 items)
30 outfits
A great way to fall back in love with your closet.
Monday, June 13th- Day one.
Today was a complete stay home day. Playing outside in the blow up pool with the girls and prepping for Sew Funky Market .
 No accessories at all today. I felt like it was a huge outfit fail.
This teal strapless tunic has been in my closet/drawer for years. I loved it when I bought it- but I rarely love it when I wear it.
slight fib- No accessories until 5:30pm when Breadwinner came home with the mail and my new Gussy ruffle headband! Wore it to Costco.
teal strapless tunic, denim cut offs- American Eagle
Red sandals- NY and Co- several years old
Tuesday Day 2-Prepping for end of the year ceremony and graduation at Preschool
 Khaki drapey sweater and Gold earrings-NY and Co
Maxi skirt worn as a dress, Brown stretch belt-Forever 21
Strappy heels- hand me down
Looking forward to the challenge of dressing cute in rapidly approaching 100 degree desert heat!


Casey said...

I completely applaud you for doing the 30 for 30! I have thought about doing it, but am so nervous I wouldn't be able to finish and then would feel like a failure! (Also, I'd either have to not count work or include scrubs in my 30!)

Love the maxi skirt as a dress with the khaki sweater - adorable.

Flor said...

I think you look adorable in outfit #1! I love the distressed cut off shorts! And the color of your top :)

Kristine @ JandMs Eye Candy said...

You are stunning! Love these photos of you!! I SO need to do this 30/30!! I just need to "do it" :) Thanks for the inspiration!


Amber said...

Love the skirt/dress very chic and that top is perfect for summer and a wonderful colour. Have a great week honey. ax

Alissa said...

Great start to the 30/30. I definitely need to try this myself. I need an accessories jump-start. And another super-cute headband! :)

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

One day just may have to try this how 30/30 remix thing! Love the new headband!

Jess and the boys said...

Congrats! The outfit looks adorable!

I’m a new follower. Come swing by my blog if you get a chance!

venturesofsahm at yahoo dot com

the pleated poppy said...

i am always afraid of wearing a strapless top with kids - like it'll get tugged down! you look great!