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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

30 days- Days 10-16

30 days, 30 pieces of clothing, 30 outfits
All in an effort to fall more in love with the closet I have. 
Always linking up with Lindsey- the blogger who started my quest to be a cuter mama and make more effort on myself
And Nina with Real Momma, Real Style.
Day 10-Wednesday-Home sewing for Sew Funky Market and Queen Bee Market 
 Bad, bad pics today- closed eyes, weird poses, lots of shadows. Like the second look I gave Breadwinner? 'Well how do you think I should stand?'
Tunic top- NY & Co, Belt-Forever 21, Khaki short- American Eagle
I'm really starting to like wearing heels with shorts. It makes me feel fancy.
 I haven't shown you an apron in a while. This is the one I wore to make dinner tonight.
My amazing Aunt made it for me a couple years ago. Isn't it adorable?!
Retro, Cherries, Ruffles- does it get any better?
Necklace, earrings, cream bracelet-NY & CO, Brown wooden bracelet-Eclectic Elegance
Day 11-Thursday-Michael's summer crafts, out to lunch, and sonic cones with my girls
 wait- Meagan, did you wear a skirt as a shirt again?!
Yep- sure did. Pretty much my new favorite thing to do! This time went with a shorter one.
White skirt worn as a top- Old Navy, same stretchy belt- Forever21, denim bermuda cutoffs-American Eagle, gold shrug-NY and Co
 Jewelry-NY and Co
Day 12-Friday-home doing laundry and prepping for markets with the girls
 Brown tank-JC Penny- thank you$10 free coupon, maxi skirt-Forever 21, Silver sandals-NY &Co
Did you notice no belt? Am I feeling ok?
Peach bracelet and tortoise shell earrings-NY & Co, long beaded necklace-American Eagle, Same brown bracelet as above
Day 13-Saturday-Another day at home- happy it's the weekend!

Woke up and realized it was hot- REALLY hot and all my 30 for 30 shorts never made it to the washer. So, I substituted. My cream ruffled shirt (not yet worn in this challenge) is no longer here- now I have another pair of shorts mixed in. Whoop, whoop!
Black flower embellished tank-Old Navy, Denim shorts-American Eagle
Cutie scarf worn as a belt-Old Navy, Red Sandals-NY &Co
Headband- Gussy
Day 14-Sunday-exhausted day at home after being up all night when a not nice person decided to throttle their motorcycle through our back fence then ditch it. Thank you mean person who tried to make their friend who is in jail's Harley disappear. You succeeded in ruining my nights sleep and getting the bike impounded by CHP. Boo to you.
 Kelly green dress-Aeropostale, Boyfriend fit denim crops-American Eagle, Brown belt-Forever21
By the end of the day I had a new 'accessory'. Little Sister was super whiny and wanted Mommy to hold her. I needed to make dinner and clean the kitchen so we busted out ye ole trusty Peanut Shell. We couldn't stop laughing at the silliness of an almost 3 year old in a sling.
Day 15-Monday- Girls to school, Mommy home sewing
 This outfit felt much cuter in my head. The shorts 'grew' during the day and well, it just looks like a big FAIL in these pics.
mint, gingham button down-Target, Forever21 belt, same khakis from American Eagle
All jewelry (including the earrings I took off before we did pics at the end of the day)-Eclectic Elegance, Sunglasses-Ann Taylor Loft
Day 16-Tuesday-Girls to school, Mommy home sewing (noticing a trend?)
 Teal strapless 80's style tunic-(you likey my description?)-American Eagle- pretty old
Camel colored belt-Target, same replacement American Eagle cut offs
 Super fun headwrap-Little Penelope Lane (I get to see her again at Sew Funky AND Queen Bee!)
My swoon worthy absolutely fabulous rosie necklace-Allorahandmade
Did you hear Jess's new promo? If YOU love her rosies as much as I do- change your blogger, facebook, or twitter profile pic to you in your favorite rosies and she's send you a coupon code for 25% off! EEK! Time to stock up!


Kristine @ JandMs Eye Candy said...

You are so stylin!! You can rock belts like nobody's business! Send some of that style over here pretty please ;) Hope you're having a fabulous week ;)


Alissa said...

I love the stretchy belt! Finding a belt with stretch was the first time that wearing a belt has "worked" for me. Great outfits this week!

DaenelT said...

What a totally cool idea ~ a skirt as a shirt! Love it. Your outfits are way too cute. Love the jewelry too.

Melissa, SoChick! said...

All of these are great! I especially love Day 11.. that White top with the cut-offs is fab! Following from WIWW! :-)

Mongs said...

you look like you're really enjoying yourself! You've got a nice style, outfit 12 is my favorite. I love your creations too. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I'm your newest follower!


Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

I like day 13's outfit the best this week & your silly dancing poses might be the reason why ;) Almost halfway there...30 in 30!

Conni said...

ok I am going to start with, you are just so darn cute!!

Love the skirt as a top think, that white one looks great

I seemed to have missplaces about 6 of my summer skirts, guess they didnt make the move last winter

Thanks for sharing

Shannon Olson said...

The colors in your outfits sorta reminds me of a safari.
Very cute

Denise said...

your outfits are BRAVE and ADORABLE!

see you at blog sugar.

Delaney said...

I'm always so jealous of your outfits!

Shellsea said...

I'm loving all the outfits with a belt! I need to get more of those-they're amazing.

Also love your three year old in the sling! I used to carry Little C in a sleepy wrap- I should break it out again!

Clairejustine said...

Nice outfits,following from WIWW :)