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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Living Room

If this was your living room...
 how would you decorate?
What would you do?
I need help.
Details coming on the armoire redo.


Michell @ Girl In Air said...

Oh your ceiling is fabulous!!

I would go nuts and paint strips on the ceiling! Maybe just the same shade but in a high gloss but that's just how I roll

and of coarse I would project an image on the wall that reflects your family's style and PAINT

Make a's so fun and simple too..

Where do you live...can I come over?

Laura Bridges said...

I would put a long shelf over the TV armoire and paint it a distressed color of some kind. Then I'd decorate it with odds and ends of eclectic stuff, concealing the black things which I'm thinking must be speakers. Maybe a couple of bright, pretty vases or something?

Emily Zavitz said...

Color on the walls, definitely! You have such colorful clothing and beautiful painting projects; I don't think the beige walls fit your personality :)