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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Goodbye Easter, HELLO White

By now you know, last year I joined Lindsey at the Pleated Poppy in linking up with her quest to make more of an effort on herself each day. Just because she works from home, home schools her kids and rarely leaves the house, doesn't mean she should stay in softy pants all day-and neither should I!
What started as making a bigger effort in my daily wardrobe, has become a daily fashion show.
It's fun to get dressed. I'm happier. It's a beautiful quest.
Thanks for joining me for another week with Lindsey and now-
SO many fun fashion link ups! So much inspiration!
Tell me this- do you really care when I wear what I wear? Or do you just want the outfit deets?
Leave me a comment and let me know what you want to hear.
Thursday-Preschool-first day of white pants!
 White capris, sheer striped top- NY and Co
 Black flower belt-NY and Co, Black shrug-Belk
 Green necklace-World Market
Friday-Home sick-slept on the sofa last night so I didn't spread germs to Breadwinner, Little Sister woke up crying at 3:30am- just in time to rewind a bit and catch the royal wedding semi-live. I told her the real Princess married the REAL Prince, then put her back in bed.
Saturday-Out of bed only to complete the cake I promised to make for a friend's surprise party. Off the couch/out of bed for the first time in 36 hours. Breadwinner couldn't wait to take pics in their hangar- then I was back home to bed
 amazing what a little makeup will do
Plum cape- Old Navy, black long sleeve tee-Target, jeans and brown belt-American Eagle, plum shoes-Gramm, tortoise shell earrings-NY and Co
Sunday-Church, then back to bed
 White wide leg pants and brown cropped jacket-Ann Taylor Loft, Teal embellished tank-Old Navy
 Necklace-hmmm? American Eagle or Eclectic Elegance. can't remember, Belt-new Forever 21
 Amazingly fabulous shoes!
 Gift from my friend, Juliana Black
Tuesday-Back to the Preschool. Went to bed Monday night feeling tons better, woke up Tuesday morning coughing up a storm with no voice. Can't figure it out.
 Teal maxi dress- Forever 21- super cute despite what the wind indicates!
same Forever 21 belt.
 REAL turquoise necklace from Gramm and Pop (mom and dad), Gold shrug, folding funny in the wind- NY and Co
 pink flats-Target clearance last year
Super fun brown crochet flower pony tie- Something Diane Made- coming soon to her shop!
Happy Wednesday!
Big Things coming around here.
Stay tuned...


melody-mae said...

cute outfits. to answer your question...I actually like seeing when/where you wear the outfits along with the details! :)

Mai said...

I love the color combo of the teal dress and the pink shoes! The whole outfit is really nice!

Shellsea said...

I love those striped shoes! Also, I like hearing where you wear your outfits too. Great post and lots of style.

Christine - Tutorial Addict lol said...

Those shoes ARE fabulous!!! I am LOVING the look of white pants right now, especially those crops! Think I might just have to find me some!

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

LOVE those heels! What fun! & you are looking quite slim in these...I'm guessing having the sickies & being super busy is the culprit! The first outfit is cute & comfy looking as well!

Handbags*N*Pigtails said...

I love the white pants outfit. And seriously, what a lucky girl to get your photo shoots taken in a hangar:)

Stacey said...

I am trying to make the jump to white pants! You may have just convinced me!

You look great !

DaenelT said...

Cute outfits, for a sick person you sure photograph well! :-) Love the shoes and jewelry, the color combos are fun.

Green Door Girl said...

You look so cute! I took a three week hiatus when I was feeling ick from being newly pregnant and fighting a horrible cold - now way I would have looked so cute as you did in your two outfits over the sick days. I agree those are some awesome shoes with the white pants!

Ruby Girl said...

so many great outfits! i love it. my fave pieces: the striped shoes, the brown hair flower, and the purple coat! <3

Karri said...

Those gorgeous pumps that you wore w/ the white pants are seriously nothing short of fabulous. Wow!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Those are fabulous shoes - awesome!

Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

those new shoes are SOO CUTEEE!!! :)

Alissa said...

Love those fabulous heels -- and now I seriously need a pair of white pants. And may I say... you are one brave lady to wear yours to preschool! :)

Grammy Goodwill said...

Love those shoes.

Michele said...

You look great! I love white pants. I've always been afraid to wear them until this year. I just bought a pair at Old Navy. Great week of outfits! I'll be giving you a shout-out tomorrow in a blog post :)

Object of Maya*ffection said...

LOVE the white pants (can't wait to break mine out) and the fab shoes!