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Monday, May 9, 2011

Bookshelf Makeover: Part Two

 Part One was yesterday (OK- early today)-The words were just not coming to me the way I wanted.
Please excuse the less than fabulous part one.
Onto Part Two.
The main color choice came from my dining table re-do.
These lovely chairs look white in this photo, but they are a fabulous shade of creamy white-Valspar's Churchill Hotel White spray paint.
After giving all the removable shelves a light sand, 2 coats of Valspar primer, and multiple coats of Churchill Hotel White spray paint, I attacked them with dark walnut stain.
Let me go back and say painting was the longest part of this project.
The wind never seems to STOP here in the desert so finding multiple hours of the day, or days in a row with no wind to actually spray shelves and not just the air is a hefty task!
Back to the stain.
I stock up on the 1 inch foam brushes when Michael's has them on sale 20 for $1.
We use them for everything around here.
With a handy dandy 1 inch foam brush in hand (the stain specifically says to avoid foam brushes- I'm such a rebel!) I coated each shelf completely, waited about a minute
then wiped off the excess. Normally you would wipe in the direction of the grain, but since this was a particle board Ikea shelf, I wiped the length of the shelves. Does that make any sense?
Want to see what it looked like?
Soon. I'm such a tease. I know.
Now onto the main part of the shelf.
I woke up one morning to find NO wind. This is an anomaly out here.
Since I wasn't anticipating this sweet treat, the shelf was still sitting empty in the living room.
I put on my best tough girl face, asked the girls to move as far away as possible (in case it fell over) and carried the monstrosity to the backyard, laid it on it's back on a spare plank of wood and got to spraying.
First a light sand, then the Valspar primer, and Churchill Hotel White spray paint again.
Then it was time to do the same thing with the trim molding I bought to beef up the front of the basic Ikea shelf.
Just a simple rope trim does so much to the finished product.
It won't be long now!
Part three tomorrow.

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Brandy@YDK said...

your table is so pretty with the yellow chairs.