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Monday, May 9, 2011

Bookshelf Makeover: Part One

OK- Remember in early April I told you about 2 pieces of furniture I planned to refinish but couldn't seem to wrap up. This is the beginning of the bookshelf makeover.
If you look closely, you can see the cardboard backing falling off and two of the shelves already covered in primer. 
The shelf needs work. Not just the hodgepodge decor on it- but the stock Ikea honey oak color and basic look, too.
I wanted to focus on the details. First step-Bead board backing.
*side note: if you decide to do something fun like this- measure first. simple, right? why didn't I think of this?*
 The entire bookshelf was getting a nice creamy overhaul. Unfortunately, living in the desert makes spray painting outside a bit difficult. Darn you, wind!
 So, I went with a different technique for the bead board.
I started by dripping cream craft paint over the board and dry brushing to cover most of the surface.
 The result was a spotty white/cream look.
 It was a start, but needed something else.
 Enter my trusty dark walnut stain.
you may remember this one, too- man I'm full of sneak peeks, huh?
I used a foam brush to get into all the cracks with stain, then rubbed the whole piece down.
You'll have to wait until the final result to see how looks now!
Stay tuned...

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