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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bookshelf Makeover: Final Chapter- Before/After

Part One is here
Part Two here
But let's face it- you are here to see how it ended up, right?
After sanding, priming, painting, and staining all the shelves I tackled the main part of the shelf. You saw it coated in the the creamy white Valspar Churchill Hotel White spray paint in the last post.
Well, I liked the way the shelves turned out with the stain over paint look, I decided to try it on the entire piece. Luckily, after rubbing stain on the inside of the shelves I stopped.

NOT the look I was going for.
More time to wait....a day or so later, the stain was dry so I re-sanded (only lightly- laziness set in at this point) and spray painted over the finish. 
The final result
So much better creamy white, don't you think?
Did I mention Breadwinner helped me attach rope trip to the front face of the side panels? Just a little extra detail to spruce up the basic Ikea shelf. The original plan was to top the entire shelf with crown molding but 4 weeks into the refinishing project I just wanted all the books and decor off my floor!
I pared down the decor, too. Simple is better.
I'm slowly adding color back to the decor- more info on that coming...
In fact, in an effort to de-clutter the entire bookcase, I ended up with a completely empty shelf.
Any suggestions?
Are you loving the backer as much as I am?
Want to hear the back story on that? (No pun intended)
So here's the deal. I knew I wanted to spruce up the bookcase and I was pretty confident color, trim, and beadboard would do the trick. Feeling adventuresome one day I measured the bookcase top to bottom, side to side- everything I needed- so I thought - and made it out by myself to the hardware store. Picked out my 4 ft x 8 ft sheet of beadboard, took it to the cutting dept and got 2 pieces cut to just the right dimensions. So proud of my little plan, I emptied the bookcase and moved it outside only to discover- the backing slides into 2 tall grooves on the backside of the bookcase. Yep, simply nailing it to the back of the bookcase wouldn't work. My beadboard was about 1/2 inch too wide. Determined NOT to have Breadwinner help (he always dreads my refinishing projects until he sees the finished product) I grabbed the hand saw and got to work sloppily chopping away at my not so cheap beadboard. Finally down to the appropriate size, I attempt to slide already painted and stained backer into the bookshelf grooves only to find- yep- measuring had me AGAIN! You know that whole prior proper planning...blah, blah...Well, I knew the beadboard was thicker than the original cardboard backer but didn't pay too much attention. I should have- because it was too thick to fit. Uh huh- already cut, painted, and stained- and too thick to work. I sanded the edges for DAYS until Breadwinner finally realized what I was attempting and purchased my a simple $3 tool that basically grated away enough of the beadboard backer to slide into the bookshelf grooves in about 2 minutes. 
After literally DAYS of grinding down the backer with my electric sander, a little grater thing I can't remember the name of right now saved the day in 2 minutes. Are you kidding me?!
In the end- totally worth it.
worth the 4 weeks time, sanding, priming, painting, staining, re-sanding, re-painting, sanding, sanding, sanding, cutting, grating
and finally re-assembling.
 Worth every minute for this new little lovely!
Here's one final look at the Before and After
What do you think?


Rebecca said...

What a great makeover! Though that empty shelf is just calling out to me. I wonder how long a shelf (or any flat surface) would stay empty around my house. I love that the books are organized by color.

Lynzy said...

I love the way you made this bookcase over! I always tell myself that I need to start getting creative and start doing these things around the house!

xo Lynzy

Brandy@YDK said...

you can really tell just how much prettier it is when you look at the before/after. love it.

Lisa Anderson said...

It looks awesome! I love the makeover! The white is so much more calming

Stacy said...

Love it!! And I especially love the color coordinated book shelf ;-) Miss you (and all your projects) lady!!

Debby said...

This looks lovely :) you did a great job. Totally sounds like my husband... he always a little skeptical at first and then a little surprised when he LIKES the finished product. Although a little more supportive now than when I did my first project. stopping by from Eisy Morgan.

Sweet Peas and Bumblebees said...

Love it!!! I have a couple of bookshelves I would like to do the same look for!

I would LOVE if you would link up your idea to our next week's What I Made Wednesday Linky Party!

Briana @ Sweet Peas and Bumblebees

retrohipmama said...

Such a great redo! Really lightens up the space and allows you to see all the lovlies on the shelves!
And I love how you color code your kinda girl!

Kristine said...

Love the lighter color!! Looks AWESOME! Great job!

Anonymous said...

the bookshelf look much blends with the color of the room. visiting for 5mfm

MommyLES said...

the bookshelf look much blends with the color of the room. visiting for 5mfm

Aleks said...

this is fantastic. id like to makeover my bookshelves, thanks for the inspiration.

Megan @ said...

That turned out amazing! It goes really well with the colors and style of your decor pieces. Thanks for linking up to my party! :)

Ty and Whitty said...

oh my goodness I love it. I have a ugly brown bookshelf that I want to paint white now. I pinned this! Thank you for sharing it.

come say hi

Charlie's Mama and Papa said...

That makes me want to sand and paint something! Beautiful!