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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Birthday Giveaway Extravaganza #19-The END

The time of my life...
and I owe it all to yoooouuuuu.

This is it.
A few months back, Heather at Life as we Know it... had a giveaway for some pretty fun custom bumper stickers.
I got one. 
And it's pretty cute.
Heather was kind enough to pass on some of these custom stickers to me to give to YOU.
Are you thinking...

'Yeah, yeah, yeah, Meagan- a sticker- that's great, but I'm NOT putting that on my car'

Well, DUH!
I mean, if you want to- go for it. No judgement here.

But lives here now.
 On this super cutie frame.

Wide, wooden, unfinished frame- Check
Black Krylon spray paint- Check
Bright pink organdy ribbon turned into a ruffle- Check

FABULOUS Sticker turned even more FABULOUS frame

These stickers are looking cooler and cooler aren't they.
MMmm, hmm- that's what I thought.

The very best three comments will have their very own I {heart} blogging sticker.
Turn it into a fabulous frame like I did
(you're going to BlogSugar, right? You totally need one!)
Put it in your craft room/office

You are only limited by your creatvitiy
SPEAKING of creativity...
let the fabulous and funny comments begin.....

is the suspense killing you, yet?


At Home With Michelle said...

All good parties must come to an end:( Bummed, but what a party it was:) So many great prizes and many Great sponsors, and best of all you shared your Birthday fun with all your followers and bloggin friends, and thanks for inviting me:)

Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

CUTE!!! I'd put it next to my "Just Let me Bead and No One Gets Hurt" bumper sticker hanging in my room :D

Emily Zavitz said...

I would put that sticker over my husband's mouth so we can't say, "Are you gonna blog about this?" anymore!

Michell @ Girl In Air said...

Oh I so would be boring and slap that baby on the back of my CAR!!

Or maybe I brake for bloggers would be better....

You know at one point in my life I wanted to make and sell bumper a Flight Attendant I know that lots of Pilots put bumper stickers on their flight bags and had I made one that said 'TSA eat their young' I would have made MILLIONS!! just sayin.....

Kadie said...

This would go fabulosly with my "Stay calm and get your craft on" printable that I have framed above my sewing machine. I am all about wall art!

Kadie @ Seven Alive

Miss Allie said...

I'm thinking this would make a wonderful team spirit flag for my beautiful car Ruby!!! Forget putting it on my bumper, I couldn't move it from car to car if I put it there.

Or maybe I could crochet it onto a blanket. Ooo that sounds like fun!!! They have tags you can attach, so I'm sure a sticker would be a piece of cake, crumb cake!