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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Birthday Fun with Shutterfly

Oh Friends you have made my birthday such fun! Between all the boxes that keep coming in the mail, cards, letters, Facebook comments, and the Party Like it's 1999 Giveaway extravaganza (still in full swing, by the way!) it has been an insane birthday!
With so many incredible greetings in all different forms of media, I think the best way to document all the fun of this birthday is with a Shutterfly photo book! I can cut and paste some of my favorite comments from the blog and Facebook and upload them along with photos of some of my very favorite gifts (an entire post to come on that!) for an incredible birthday memory keepsake!
We are no strangers to Shutterfly photo books in our house. With Gramm and Pop, Grandma and Grandpa, and all aunts and uncles living 2500 miles away, photo books are a great way to document the adventures of Big and Little Sister from afar!
In just about a month we have another HUGE event happening in our house. Big Sister is graduating from PRESCHOOL! Yep, our little girl is moving to Kindergarten next year. Ugh- so hard to believe it's that time already. While we are not going all out for this little momentous occasion, it won't be long before a much bigger graduation ceremony is here. How crazy to think our little girl's photo will be on a graduation announcement like this before we know it!

Life seems to be zooming by these days. We really are thankful for sites like Shutterfly that make it quick and easy for us to document all life's big and little moments!
Shutterfly is offering an incredible promotion to bloggers this Spring. Click here to read more about how you can get 50 free photo announcements or enter to win a free photo book!

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