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Monday, April 11, 2011

Which Color Should I Get?

Quick, Quick- I need some help.
I love, love, love the triple ruffled scarves at the Pleated Poppy.
I'd like to get one for Spring but they sell out SUPER fast.
She just introduced some fun, new colors.
Which one should I get?
I'm leaning toward the Grass Green or Raspberry for a fun, pop of color unlike anything in my Spring/Summer wardrobe. Then again, I seem to wear lots of pinks and corals when it gets warm.
What is your pick?
Help me out, friends!
PS Do you love that Lindsey hung them in rainbow color order? Or is it just me...


Rachelle said...

Gray or Yellow. :)

SushiMama said...

Hi there! I recently did a post about some of my favorite nursery spaces. I used a couple of your images, and provided a link to your blog, but wanted to make sure that was ok with you. If for any reason you would like me to take the image down, please just let me know and I will do so immediately.

You can see the post here:

I couldn't find your email address, but figured this would be the next best way to contact you.

Emily Zavitz said...

OOh, I love the third pink from the left-- the corally one-- or the grass green. You could always be daring and get the deep purple one :)

ashley said... pretty! i love coral, yellow and lime...good luck deciding!

Krista @ While He Was Napping said...

I'm loving green right now. Like a lot. So, that's my vote. Or a pink one... Pink is always cute and girly.

Btw, your awesome guest post is up, check it out HERE!

Stacy said...

I like gray or yellow - they work all year 'round :-) And they're a little more neutral so they go w/lots of outfits! Happy shopping ;-)