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Friday, April 8, 2011

Suggestions Needed.

Did you see that?
I used punctuation in my post title. 
Hmmm....not sure that I've ever done that.
OK, back to the business at hand.
I need your help in my living room. Here's the deal in story form....
Once upon a time there was a mommy of 2 precious little girls who lived in a tiny, old, in far less than perfect condition, rental house- slightly more space than the little old lady who lived in the shoe. She did her best with her limited space, funds, and lack of ability to think outside the box, to make her living room feel...mmm....homey? She had decent bones in the new, chocolate brown microfiber sofa, chair and ottoman, but needed some color. It came in the form of craft painted canvases on every wall in the room. Khaki, sagey green, cocoa, and a periwinkle blue geometric patterns. Colors picked from clearance duck cloth curtain panels found at Bed Bath and Beyond to help keep the blistering sun out. The canvas paintings were later grouped together above the sofa and picture frame/painted shelf montages were added around the room. 
One day, said Mommy felt like changing it up. She found these pillows on smokin clearance at Target (let's say $3.48 since I can't remember and that sounds about right), and this orange throw at IKEA for mmm....let's say $5 since, well...see above.
The painted canvases came down and a small attempt at a new color scheme began. There were three of the chevron pillows- which have lovely thin crochet type texture in the chocolate brown, gray, and fuschia areas
and one of each of the other two- which have a silky feel to them.
It was the start of change in the little shoe like house.
Shortly after, something magical happened (because this is a story, remember?- like a fairy tale-that's true)....
a move.
to an awesomely, amazing brand stinking new (built in 2006- new enough) 2300 square ft (the old place was barely over 1,000) little piece of heaven in the desert rental house.
With super, duper high vaulted ceilings and yellowy-goldy walls.
The chocolate brown sofas moved in- so did the pillows and throw.
It needed more.
Somewhere along the way, another trip to Ikea brought home the Springy green version of the burnt orange throw. Shortly there after, a seemingly uneventful trip to Target turned up an ENTIRE AISLE of 75% off throw pillows! Want me to say it again?
An ENTIRE AISLE- BOTH SIDES full to the brim of 75% OFF throw pillows.
So, a few more friends came home (some went to other rooms, too. The most I paid was $6.98 for one pillow. Most were $3.24!!)

And the collection grew.
Then some late night blog hopping proved inspirational, when the hand me down mohagany colored coffee table changed colors.
Which, in theory, started tying things together.
But not really.....
And here is where you come in.
Can you help me finish the story?
At first I loved my Anthro inspired coffee table re-do. Then Big Sister started referring to what once was a coffee table as the 'gatorade table-because it doesn't look like coffee anymore', I kind of started despising it.
More and more I'm falling in love with the muted red and turquiosey combination
- which is good, considering there is a bunch of red in these pillows and I have a few refinishing projects in the works for the living room which may or may not involve a similar finish to my dining set re-do.
So, let's recap-
Gold walls
Brown sofas
random green and orange throws
tons of pillows with red, yellow/gold, gray, orange, grapefruit pink, fuschia pink, and cream
green coffee table
I'm thinking about repurposing a few of the pillows with paint, ribbon, fabric, trim, and (of course) ruffles to alter the colors (mostly orange) I'm not really interested in seeing anymore.
What do you think?
What should I do?
Start from scratch?
Refinish everything?
Wave a magic wand, say bibbity bobbity boo and make it all lovely?
The End.


Jessica said...


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Amanda said...

Love that kitchen table! Would love to give mine a facelift! Bookmarking this! Visiting from Boost My Blog link.

Sam said...

I SO don't have enough of a design bone in my body to offer any form of a suggestion. But I like the story. :)

Lolly Jane said...

oh this is so fun cyber decorating lol!! ok if ya like the red/turquoise theme you gotta get rid of all the green...and orange and pink! if it were me, I'd paint the coffee table yellow or red, recover the pillows in turquoise red and yellow combos of plaids florals polka dots stripes etc. your dining room table is darling and your wall colors and couches would work with the new theme. alrighty good luck will be back to see your new style! (:

Lolly Jane said...
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Walking by Faith said...

Wow, those pillows and newly painted table are gorgeous! Your are going to have a bright and colorful room, which I loooove. For me, I kept my living room colors to a few--sage green, red, and gold. There are a few tiny hints of burnt orange and in there, but it's mostly those three main colors that hit you when you walk in the room. I would probably pick a few of the colors you like most and repurpose everything to fit that color theme/style! And you have SO many fun colors to choose from.... I would have a hard time picking!

Thanks for linking up to So Sweet Sundays! I'm now following you, as well. :)

katy said...

Love that coffee table! I always go with my favorite colors. Best of luck to you.

shopannies said...

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