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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Quick Shoe Tutorial

 Monday- I was having a rough day at home- So I worked on this little tutorial.
How to turn your favorite worn in pair of flats into slides.
Start with your favorite comfy pair of cheapy flats you got on clearance three years ago at Payless.
 Slide your foot in taking care to squish the back of the shoes with your heel.
 Mash the back of the shoe down really well.
And there you go. A brand new pair of slides. Cheapest and fastest re-purpose ever.
 Bonus: Along the way, I realized I have my mother's feet. No literally, I have the feet of a 50 something year old woman. When did that happen?


Lori said...

Cute idea! I realize I become more and more like my mother every day! My hands look just like hers now - it's so odd:)

Tausha said...

Ok-your post made me giggle. Love it! I have more than a few pairs of clearnace payless shoes that could use some daylight time! Turning into our mothers is a lovely thing..right?
Have a wonderful wednesday! PS-I love the title and look of your blog. Sooo cute!!