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Sunday, April 24, 2011

I Serve a RISEN Savior...

he's in the world today.
I know that he is living, whatever men may say....
Today, on the day we celebrate our Savior and his victory over death- remember the empty tomb and rejoice in our SALVATION!
Our girls woke up to small baskets of goodies from Mommy and Daddy and we will hide eggs after naps, but my favorite part of Easter this year?
Listening to Big Sister tell her friend Noah yesterday 'Did you know, Jesus had lots of owies, and died on a cross, but he did it to save us- from our badness. Now, he is alive again!'. Noah said, 'Oh- that's pretty cool'.
Praise God! Jesus is Risen!


melody-mae said...

Oh how I love this reminds me of our Pastor Ron who has been celebrating Easter with Jesus for a few years now!

thanks for sharing and have a lovely Easter

Ashley said...

found you on melody-mae's blog! happy Easter! I LOVE celebrating our Savior's triumph over all today!!!! God bless yoU!