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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

651.78 miles

Did you hear? Shabby Apple is having an Imperfect Dress Sale!
April 11th, 1-6pm in South Jordan, Utah.
Can you BELIEVE this?!
Dresses as low as $5.
The way I see it, 651.78 miles is a short distance to drive for a $5 Shabby Apple dress.
Road trip anyone?


SharleneT said...

See? I don't know why men don't get it, when it's so obvious -- it's a sale, for goodness' sake... you go, girl, and have a great time. Come visit when you can.

Tatiana said...

Oh my, those dresses are gorgeous! And five dollars? I may start walking now

Kim Yamaguchi said...

I'm with ya! Let's go!

MadameDeals said...

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Sam said...

Here's my thought:
From my house, it's 1883 miles to Shabby Apple, Utah. At a [low] estimate of 22 miles to the gallon in Big Blue the van, we'll need 85.6 gallons of gas to get there. With an [average] gas price of $3.45/gallon, it would cost us $295.29 to go to the Shabby Apple sale [not to mention the $5 to buy an IMPERFECT dress]. Since the Gondola dress that I want is only $89, it's WAY cheaper than going to the sale, so our hubs would totally be saving money by letting us just buy a dress online. Feel free to share my logic with Breadwinner.