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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

WIWW-Week 22

Wow- week 22.
If you are here from the Pleated Poppy- WELCOME.
Are you a regular reader? Thanks for coming over again. You make me happy.
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On to the week-grab some popcorn and a comfy chair- this is a long one.
Wednesday-working at Preschool, then home to work in the shop
First, a story-last year my mom sent me a dress. It was fabulous. Total hippie, empire waist, triangle cut top with silver beaded spaghetti straps. Perfect for the Spring/Summer. A-Dorable. Me written all over it. Then I tried it on. The medium juniors department dress Nope. tiny top, waaayy too tight around the ribs, boobs (which are not so huge) falling out everywhere. It was so sad. I couldn't get rid of it. I thought I could find a way to alter it to make it work, but thus far- nada. This morning I woke up and decided I was going to wear it. Some way, some how.

I hiked it way up above my waist, tucked the top and straps, threw a brown tee over it and adorned with a belt to hide some of the extra bulk. I felt like Alice in Wonderland.

Brown tee- Old Navy
Brown/Copper Belt-?
Dress worn as a skirt-Macy's clearance
Blue tights-Target clearance
Rusty red flats-Kohl's
Beaded necklace-Eclectic Elegance


My girls and I wore bows for Maddie today. So sad.
Thursday-Little Sister had a pediatric opthamologist appointment a long way from home, then we got to visit with my little pregnant friend, Fashionista.

Cream ruffle front tee-NY and Co
Peachy/oatmeal cardi-NY and Co
Skinny jeans-American Eagle
Little Sister's pink peacoat-Old Navy
After these pics I ran in remembering I didn't have accessories. Ah!-added a peachy bobble necklace, earrings, and bracelet.

Big Sister's plaid jacket and matching tights-Gymboree-love Gramm

Little Sister's boots-Children's Place
My boots-lovely hand me down from ShopGal

Here's Fashionista. She made me promise I wouldn't take a picture of her face (it was beautiful as always, but can't argue with a pregnant woman!) Isn't she adorable?
Friday-Worked at Preschool, then over to a friend's for dinner

Gray cowl sweater-American Eagle
Aqua long sleeved tee-Old Navy
Jeans-American Eagle
Brown Belt-American Eagle
Plum flats-Gift from my mom

I forgot how much I love the fit of these jeans- particularly my be-hind

I felt so skinny today, too!

Didn't Little Sister look adorable in her new outfit from Crazy8? Mega clearance to stock up for next winter and fill in the gaps where she suddenly outgrew her sister's hand me downs this year.

Oh, and it was chilly when we left this morning. I wore this fabulous red, leather coat.

and felt so sassy

another beautiful ShopGal hand me down. She loves me ;)
Saturday-Brrr....snow in the forecast. We stayed home playing all day in anticipation

Brown hat-Urban Outfitters a couple years ago.
Scarf-NY and Co Black Friday mega deal

Grossly over exposed- but cute none the less. Breadwinner didn't know I was playing with my settings earlier.
Charcoal peacoat-JC Penney
Light wash jeans-American Eagle

More bad color
Heather turtleneck sweater-NY and Co
Sunday-Church then playing in the snow

I've decided this dress is waaaayyyy too short for church. Drove me nuts all morning!
Mustard yellow sweater dress-NY and Co
Gray drapey sweater-NY and Co
Copper/brown belt-maybe Macy's

Purple long sleeved tee-Target
Gray tights-Target
Silver beaded necklace-American Eagle

Snow time with my fam! Loved it. Big Sister was crabby and cold by the time we left.
Monday-Errands in town then home to work on shop orders and playing with friends

We stopped by the mailbox on our way out of town and found this super cutie earwarmer from Something Diane Made.

Cream tank-American Eagle
Heather ruffle sweater-NY and Co
Red cords-American Eagle (love finding fun clothes in the bottom of my drawer)
Brown flats-Target
Multi-strand necklace-Eclectic Elegance
Tuesday-Working at the preschool, left my purse at home, locked my keys in the car at the post office, a day of laughs

Fun new earwarmer-it was another cool morning
White tunic with thin silver stripes-NY and Co
Cranberry silk scarf-gift from ShopGal
Black/Brown sweater-Old Navy
Skinny jeans-American Eagle
Another fun week! If you made it all the way to the end- THANK you for sticking with me!
Happy Wednesday.


Paige @ The Wandering Cottage said...

You look great!

simpledaisy said...

Ooh...I love all your styles!!! So cute:)

Amy said...

I like the way you mix all your colors. I need to start doing that more

Amber said...

Great week, I love the dress as skirt look and those jeans are a wonderful fit on you. I am liking the darker hair too. Looking good lovely, have a wonderful week. axx

Ashley Pichea said...

I LOVE the gray cowelneck sweater - it looks so good on you!

Jodi said...

Way to make the dress work! Great refashion. I love your cream ruffle top...

Michele said...

You look super skinny in your gray cowl sweater and jeans from AE! I'd love those jeans, too! The brown hat from Urban Outfitters is awesome! The photo of you playing in the snow with your kiddos is the sweetest! Great week!

kris said...

So many outfits - love it! I love the overexposed shot. Actually very beautiful and magazine quality. I like the first look, but for me it shouts The Sound of Music, which is my fav movie of all time. The white ruffled blouse and entire look is gorgeous on you, and the gray vest and long sleeved tee looks classic. Red leather jacket -- WOW! You look smokin' in it!