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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday- Week 25

Welcome to another week of What I Wore Wednesday.
Thanks for stopping by to see my daily efforts to be a cuter me.
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As always, thanks to the Pleated Poppy for hosting a great link up!
Wednesday-As I mentioned in my previous post-we were painting at the Preschool. The overall outfit was nothing special- but it was an important day to wear pink.

Pink lace tank-American Eagle

Bubblegum pink sandals-Target
Thursday-another painting day. a green t-shirt and my baggy painting jeans didn't make the cut for pics. We had friends over for St Patty's corned beef and cabbage so I grabbed some green to look a little more presentable. Yes- I ALWAYS were aprons when I'm in my kitchen. I have a dozen. I love them

Cutie ruffled apron- Pier One

Green sweater-Old Navy
Brown Boat neck tee-Old navy
Jeans-American Eagle
Friday-A day for me- a little Old Navy Give and Get shopping, and time to peruse Target while the kids were at school. Oh so sweet!

More pink!
Pink ruffled sweater-Old Navy
Black cowl neck tunic-NY and Co

Camel colored belt-Target

Camel peep toes-Baker's shoes-years ago
The girls wanted me to take pictures of their shoes, too.

Little Sister-Jack-O-Lantern knock off crocs- on the wrong feet- gift from Gramm 2 years ago
Big Sister-Sandals in the winter just to have shoes on her feet for a picture-Kmart last year. Surprisingly soft and comfy.
Saturday-Staff meeting at the Preschool, then home with the family

Gray sweater- Old Navy, $4.18- love mega clearance and 30% off coupons!

Red belt-NY and Co?
Jeans-American Eagle

My favorite purple ruffled flats-gift from Gramm
Sunday-Church, then changed into jeans for errands with a friend.

I felt like this was cute, but none of the pictures were good.
Cream and Navy striped sweater- Old Navy- another clearance find
Teal embellished tank-Old Navy
Red necklace- gift from ShopGal years ago
Earrings- Eclectic Elegance

Blue corduroy skirt-American Eagle
Gray patterned tights-Target
Awesome camel boots- still my favorite ShopGal hand me down
Monday-Unplanned snow day with the family! Nothing is better than waking up- looking to the mountains covered in snow, and piling into the Jeep determined for a day of fun! Two closed roads and lots of driving in circles looking for the 'perfect spot' was a day well worth it!

Columbia jacket- second best hand me down from ShopGal
Little Sister- Isn't she cute in her Gymboree hat?

Ear warmer- Something Diane Made. LOVE these!
Big Sister- in her rain boots- we really need to get this child some snow boots!

Green button down sweater-Old Navy Clearance. (I really racked up!)
Cocoa turtle neck sweater-NY and Co
Jeans layered with long johns-pleasantly surprised I don't look any larger-American Eagle
Red gloves-Gap outlet- found them in a jacket pocket recently. love re-finding things lost in pockets for years.
Tuesday-Working at the Preschool- another bad hair day. This is what happens when you consistently wake up late and leave the house with wet hair--not to mention the less than flattering photos. No, I am not pregnant- my belly just looks it in this photo...

Red corduroys-American Eagle
Turquoise headband-Sugar Blossom Boutique- GroopDealz special!
Cream sweater- Old Navy clearance (whoop whoop! 5 sweaters and 2 tops for $40!)

Gray asymmetrical ruffled tee-Ann Taylor Loft
Fun necklace-Eclectic Elegance

Brown ruffled flats-Target
Are you shocked? This week I wore limited NY and Co! If you are a regular, you know that is quite unusual. Well, Gramm just sent me on a little early Easter shopping spree and I picked up something Uh-MAZING! Seriously, check these out

Not the un-manicured toes, the FABULOUS sandals

Aren't they gorgeous? And they come in several colors (including a peachy Springy color)

Did you KNOW NY and Co sells shoes? Did you KNOW they are this fabulous?
They do- and they are.
RUN- don't walk- I'm sure they will sell out fast.
(I went shopping with a friend, and she bought a pair, too....TWO less pair available for you....I'm just sayin)
Happy Spring to my friends in the south. Happy rain to my fellow Californians, and hang in there everyone else- Spring is coming. The groundhog said so!
See you next week!


the pleated poppy said...

i love the old navy striped sweater! thanks for linking up!

Sandy a la Mode said...

you know what most of your outfits had in common?? RUFFLES!! i love that!! :)

Handbags*N*Pigtails said...

Arent you just the cutest little momma! Love your outfits and those shoes!
And I love the fact that you wear aprons all the time. I do too. Its a dying fashion:(

Ashton and John's mom said...

My daughter got the NY and Co sandals to wear with her prom dress! Too cute!!

Cassi said...

I love NY & Co too! I haven't tried their shoes yet...

the tiny twig said...

love your ruby cords! i am on a mission to find some for the fall. :)

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

New York & Co. sandals are my favorites! I was actually wearing my favorite pair when my water broke with Tucker...haha! They were just never the same after that. I am totally going to have to go get some of these & various colors for spring!

Eva said...

Because of your post NY&C will sell out those awesome sandals. Those are great. You did a fantastic job putting together great outfits. Every outfit had a creative touch, which is tough to do!

thedomesticfringe said...

Very cute outfits!

sara's art house said...

Cute!!! I love your poses! :) And the ruffled apron is adorable!

Frenchy said...

Super cute outfits ! Your pictures are super good !
I love the kid's feet...Cute
Come follow me back.

Kim Yamaguchi said...

You look GREAT! Love the apron! I have the cutest one that I never wear, but I think I'm going to start now!

Morgan said...

Adorable! I love all of your fun sandals!

Jennifer said...

cute!! :)

Sam said...

I never post on WIWW because I always have too many things that I like and am too lazy to write them all down. Laziness, no more! Here's this week's loves:
*Pink for a reason (as well as the cami & shoes. awesome.)
*Green ON sweater
*Black NY&Co cowl neck tunic
*Camel Peep Toes
*Knock off Crocs on the wrong feet. (Halloween, no less.)
*LOVE the red belt with the gray sweater. You need a pair of red flats to wear with it.
*Columbia jacket & ear warmer. I may need to pickup Something Diane Made.
*The AE red cords. Wow-za!
*Brown ruffled flats
*NY&Co Sandals. LOVE them!

Okay, now that I've loved your entire wardrobe, I'm off to blog. :)

Heather said...

i love the pink sandals from target! are they this years?

Keshet said...

Super cute outfits!