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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Vintage Gator

I'm a Georgia Bulldog, but I grew up a Gator.
I know. Gator turned Bulldog. Weird.
Or maybe I'm a Bulldog raised in a Gator family.
Either way....

My mom was going through some old fabric and stumbled on this 1980's Gator fabric. Can you call 1980's vintage? Or is it retro?

She sent it to me- and I turned it into this fun bloom.
You know the drill, right?
Tons of great tutorials all over the blogisphere.
Find your favorite glass, trace it, cut out 7 circles. Take 6 of them, fold them in 4ths-you know, in half, then in half again. Stitch or hot glue the pointy ends together at the middle and stitch or hot glue the flower onto the 7th circle for a little stability.
I did this once with the orange polka dot fabric, then again with slightly smaller circles using the Gator fabric. Finished it off with a fun, covered button.
Do you like it?
If only I could get my hands on some vintage Bulldog fabric....
now THAT would be a pretty flower.

1 comment:

Sam said...

LOVE it! (even if it is Gator Nation)

This is definitely one of those projects that I'm really excited about and am going to say that I'll do (but then, in the end, I'll wuss out and just have a glass of wine).