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Saturday, March 12, 2011

AHH! Time change

We just got home from a long day down south visiting with friends and I'm catching up on all my favorite bloggers new posts for the day and fun comments I missed.
Always SUPER fun.
My eyelids just keep getting droopier and droopier -and it occurs to me...
It's not really 11:30pm right now- it's already 12:30AM!
Springing forward may be my least favorite.
I mean honestly- who LIKES losing an hour?
Happy Daylight Savings Time, friends!

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Stacy said...

Generally speaking, I do NOT love losing an hour either. But this year, I put the hour to good use and went to bed at 9:30 (the "old" 930 that is) and got 10 hours of sleep :-0 A MUCH needed 10 hours - since I usually only get 4 these days :/ And I know that number is just about to get smaller. And smaller. But I can't wait none-the-less :-) Hope you enjoyed your weekend!