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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


No seriously, you do.
Do you hate word verification?
OK, hate is a strong word- do you, eh hem, dislike word verification greatly?
Yeah, me too.
I just googled 'how to get rid of word verification on my blog' (yes, I googled- tee hee), because I couldn't remember one of the ten million fabulous posts I read that talked about this very subject.
Kimbo at A Girl and A Glue Gun (who recently favorited my shop MY shop on etsy- could I BE any cooler?) is celebrating her one year anniversary and had an amazing post on how to make your blog better. I'm taking notes.
Reading her post prompted the googling...which is when I found Polish The Stars.
She is clearly a super cool gal, because her name is Megan. I'm just saying....
She also had an incredibly awesome post on some quick things you can do to enhance your blog.
So- ladies- you rock.
You do- if you are blogging about how little ole bloggers like me can do better- you rock.
If you are reading this blog - and this silly post for that matter- you rock.
You make my days better- particularly today, when it was a fight to get the girls down for naps and the house looks like a tiny train wreck and our friends are coming up tomorrow to play. Gulp.
Thanks- you R-O-C-K!


Michele said...

I strongly dislike (hate) word verification. I think I removed least I tried to. I need to check out the blogs you mentioned. I'm interested in improving my blog, too. I enjoyed this post :)

Kimbo West @ a girl and a glue gun said...

sweeeeet. I have never rocked so much in my ENTIRE life!thanks!

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

I removed the word verification for about three days but got so much spam I put it back. Does she have tips for dealing with the spam? I starred her tips post to go back & read it because like you, I'm always looking for ways to improve it! Let me know if you get spam or not.

Megan @ Polish The said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comments! :) I'm really glad you found the tutorial helpful. I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out different functions on blogger and I have really enjoyed sharing the things that I have learned. I have plans for a new tutorial each week so stay tuned!