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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday- Week 19

If you are new to What I Wore Wednesday, here is a quick refresher...
Lindsey at the Pleated Poppy started her What I Wore Wednesday posts about a year ago in an effort to change her habits of hanging out in pjs and softie pants all day. Just because she stays home to work and home school her kids, doesn't mean she can't be cute (seriously-she is too stinking cute, even IN her softies!). Since she started her WIWW link ups, tons of women all over the world are putting themselves out there in blogland each week in an effort to share, inspire, and just be's my Week 19:
Wednesday- Preschool drop off, then home with the girls, 2 and 4 yrs old. Nothing exciting today. OK, here's the thing- do you know Kendi? you know- 30 for 30. Yeah- well, last week she wore a long sleeved tee over a collared button down and I thought- WOW- so stinking cute! So I tried it. (Update: I just searched back for her tee and button down look- guess what- she did it AGAIN this week. and it STILL looks amazing on her!!

*Bad picture, bad combo, bad, bad, bad. Luckily- It was chilly so I really wore it like this all day-

Gray tee- Target
3/4 sleeve green and blue button down- Old Navy
Gray wool button down sweater- American Eagle
Teal ruffled scarf- Eclectic Elegance
Jeans- American Eagle- Artist fit.
Wireless remote shutter- gift from Breadwinner years ago- finally playing with it regularly again!
Thursday- playdate with our friends the Lotts. Don't remember being exceptionally cute, but I didn't take a pic- so we'll never know.
Friday-Preschool, then home to get ready for our big visitor weekend due to the Super Bowl.

Long sleeved, tuxedo front blue striped top- American Eagle
Blue lace tank-American Eagle
Boyfriend fit cropped jeans-American Eagle
Maroon paisley silk scarf- Gift from Shopgal years ago. Do you like it with this?
Gray beaded necklace-American Eagle

Fun new mustard yellow crochet headband-Sweet Little Tree- new Etsy shop- oh I wish I could crochet!
Saturday-attempting to spend time with Breadwinner and the girls while also entertaining 15 and 17 year old nieces and Brother in Law

Blue floral tee-Aeropostale- gift from Mom
Navy tank-Old Navy
Pink ruffled cardi-Old Navy clearance
Jeans-American Eagle- Artist fit

Brown button/stripped slip ons-Payless clearance years ago.
In the evening Breadwinner, the girls, and I loaded up for a friend's 5th birthday party locally. I swapped the pink cardi for my dark gray ruffled jacket from NY and Co, a pearly/rhinestoney necklace gift from a friend, and a purple flower clip in my hair- oh and of course, the plum ruffled flats. No pic- which is too bad, because it was super cute!
Sunday-With a house full of family Steelers fans- we watched in agony. Maybe next year guys.

End of the day, Breadwinner snapped a few pics outside with Little Sister.
Her long sleeved Steelers tee came from Old Navy, Yellow tulle skirt-Carter's outlet-Yeah Gramm!

I was sporting the 80's look all day. Should have worn a side pony!
Steelers tee- boys section at JC Penny, cut day of game to modify. Still needs some work.
Long black beaded necklace- NY and CO
White peasant skirt- Old Navy
Black leggings-Target

This shot made me look so thin- and showed off the fun clips I can't remember where I picked up years ago-Oh! And I did something with my hair- finally.
Monday-home with the girls and another playdate with our friends the Snees and Bystrom's. First trip up to the 'new' house! Didn't remember to take a pic, again.
Tuesday-Preschool. I'm working there now to help with some major new projects on campus- including staff pics today- only while the girls are in school.

yes- that is my door HEADBOARD in the background. Breadwinner promises to help me mount it soon!
Blue long sleeved tee- Old Navy
Kelly green scalloped skirt-Old Navy
Gray drapey sweater-NY and Co
Scarf-American Eagle

Gray leggings-Target
Camel boots- hand me down from ShopGal. Greatest hand me down EVER

Do you like the dog treat at my feet?

Purple rosette clip- extra gift from Sweet Little Tree because she is so sweet!
Thanks for stopping by!
Oh- and I extended last week's giveaway because so few of you entered. Do you not like the scarf? Or is the frame? Don't you want something free?
New last day to enter-TOMORROW, February 10th at MIDNIGHT EST.
Thank you for your sweet comments week in and week out. You are all so kind and truly inspire me!!
PS I keep thinking I'm 'trying new things' with my existing wardrobe, but I feel like every week looks the same. What do you think? What can I do for variety? besides get out of the jeans e-v-e-r-y s-i-n-g-l-e d-a-y...


Paige @ The Wandering Cottage said...

Love the last outfit!

stacey said...

Love the white skirt! I think it looks adorable with the sporty t! How fun for a 'non' jeans day!

Dee said...

I love your skirt and the Steelers T is so cute! Oh and the tulle skirt is pretty amazing too!!

Amy said...

Love the necklace you wore game day although I can't say the same about the shirt :)

kris said...

I actually love your "80's" look. I purchased a white linen skirt and it's just not working out with the "winter white" legs. Love you in gray and fuschia as well. Great job!

Sarita said...

LOVED you superbowl outfit, so cute! And your hair looked awesome!

Your tuxedo shirt was really cute too - maybe if you wore some a shorter colorful necklace that pulled out colors from the the tie, OR wear the long necklace but try a leather belt. It's fun to try things :-)

Amber said...

I know how you feel honey and you are trying new things which is good, some things may not feel so comfortable but you do look really cute, it just different for you. I love the first look and the tuxedo shirt and the 80's girl is lovely. Good week honey, spring is on its way and we will all be making a change. Have a great week and keep trying new things, it is working. axxx

Nathan and Megan said...

You are so funny. I wish I could be as transparent as you are! I love the Super Bowl outfit with skirt/t/hair done- ADORABLE! Thanks for sharing! You CAN rock the button up underneath the long sleeved t. I only did it because I had the t & not a grey sweater. The 2 will become friends, eventually! LOL